Wednesday, July 29, 2009


while i was out today and what caught my eyes which make me feel better was a disable daughter with her mum... i was actually feeling pissed off at some certain stuff which i do not wanna mention here and by looking at this person it make me think alot....

the daughter keep on hitting her mum's hand while she was choosing the best and fresh fruit in the supermarket... without failing she will not get mad but smile at her daughter cheerfully and continue choosing... eventhough her daughter keeps on doing the same thing the mum juz smile at her... if let say im the mum i would get mad easily and would feel annoyed... there goes judee's patience... i keep on thinking how can the mum have so much patience but as for me to face a normal person does not have any at all????

how did they do it??? whenever God puts me in a situation like this where it test my patience.. i would failed right on that spot... i keep on starring at them not till i stalked them la... and in the end when her mum finishes choosing and walked away... the gal smiled at me and it actually touch my heart and made my day... other people would tend to look at them and feels that disable people are like a burdance in a persons life... to me it actually make a person feel much more happier just by looking at them... my angryness soon faded and im back to the same way i am...

but im still sad that i cannot control my patience towards people... i keep on failing everytime im in this type of situation... i always find ways to walk away from problems or i juz ignore it till it bundle up like a mountain... i know that God place us in these type of situation in order to grow.. God cannot spoon feed us everytime in our life but He ask us to be fully dependant on Him... how can i grow when i keep on failed so many times???

at points i feel that im such a loser that i don even know i would taste the feeling of victory... is this wat u call humble or juz pure neagtive thoughts???? well as long as i know that i know my failure... i cant wait to face another situation which test my patience...

holiday is lonely days... mum ask me are you coming down seems is your holiday??? i just don feel like goin anywhere now... not in a mood to be on a holiday where i can travel here and there... all i know if im in spore i still feel the loneliness as everyone will be off working and me at home with georgie... if im ady feeling lonely here why must i force myself to be lonely there??? although i get to see my mum but i only can see her at 11 pm den is bed time and the next day will be the same...

man i really miss my mum's presence here back in ipoh =( i wanna see her that badly till i can shed tears while writting this now ='(... hmmmm i think i would be ok i think tats all BYE

Monday, July 27, 2009


this is an excursion not excavation and not exsecution.. hahahah well woke up early in the morning to prepare for chee leong to fetch me... i was shocked to see soong seng in the car... there goes the peace in the car... gathered in college at 10 den is on our way to MY GOPENG RESORT!!!!! there were 8 cars for this trip =)

on the way in the car there were many stupid happenings as i was in one car with chee leong, chang meng and soong seng... laughed alot but kinda sked when chee leong drove... like mad person on the road only =S but he still can joke and drive... upon reaching we have to go through narrow roads and i got sked and started to blindfold myself with the car seatbelt =(

the surrounding of the place were nice and there were lots of animals like duck, chicken, goose, fish, and lots more.... chalets were comfy and i kinda like it besides the bugs...

we were leaded to the canteen for some short briefing b4 checking into our rooms... we must say the keys does not match to the lock and we must try super long in order just to enter our rooms... gah!!!!!!!

unpacked and got ready for waterfall.... b4 moving me and my frens took some pics hahahhah and we actually choose a nice spot which was in fornt of the toilets... super nice rite???

and it was my 1st time seeing a baby monkey close up =) its so sos cute but it likes to bite... *seee in the pic also wanna bite my finger*... tooks somemore pics with nic hahahha so long din see him ady =)
pics of waterfall was not with me as my camera is with my lec... hahahha so no pics yet but when i receive them i will post it here =) bruises and cuts is wat me and friends got but i got the most..... den it was wash up and bbq!!!! FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD!!!!!!!everyone enjoying their meal after a tiring walked to the waterfall....

hahahah chang meng and soong seng's glutton position... look at their plates.... =O and chee leong asking me back MAU MATI AR!!!

after meal lepak somemore.. some were drinking some were playing gamblings cards and i was hopping from one place to another one... hahahha and finally settled down where we had some IQ or EQ questions where i know im super noob at and have to sacrificed my water bottle just for tat stupid question super GG i tell u the answers....

went played gambling cards a bit and off to the gals room for ghost stories... among all why this but it was kinda scary where they were saying about my college... grrrrrrr slept when they said bout buddhism or something... woke up and saw chee leong back in the room again... pillow stealler!!!!!!!!!! =( make me sleep on my hands the whole night... *is all your fault!!!!!!*
woke up at 7 something with backaches and more painful feeling went and brush teeth and took my shower... wow the water was freezing cold~~~ had breakfast and guess wat we had nasi lemak and kim this nasi lemak super nice wei!!!! hahahah took pic for u somemore =)

and i found a new enjoyment in the resort.. fishing hahahha must be wondering can judee actually fish?? and yes i got prove

take some bread and hooked on the hook as a bait..

wait for the fish to eat your bread...

and walah!!!!! i got a fish!!!! =)

hahahha and everyone join the fun b4 we all check-out

and we encounter with a bread stealer and its a duck... stupid duck steal our bread....

check-out and have some last pics of where we stay and also pics with DO RE MI DING DONG BELL... gonna miss them man as they have finish their HND level and going for their industrail training...
DO RE MI DING DONG BELL!!!!!!!! i will miss u guys man... class wont be fun anymore without u guys... it will be gloomy and quiet best of luck to kang wei and hoo kit as they are goin to genting... chang meng in kl soong seng i don know and chee leong lepaking in ipoh hahahahha

and here are the pics of my bruises...

thats all for now... hopefully i recover from all this aches and bruises... hehe =)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

100 YEN!!!!

gulp gulp gulp =) i had my 100 yen green tea ice cream today with ashley... well we were in parade and and i got myself a new handbag... proud owner of it man.. not so down anymore now and im feeling bubbly back again... just a simple cup of ice cream can really cheer me up though... not only tat i cant stop laughing when me and ashley was in kopitiam junction while eating lunch together.. she told me tat when she will be in kl yee cheong is gonna get her pepper spray for protection and as for him is has a baton... i started laughing like mad and was thinking wat on earth yee cheong wants a baton.... HAHAHAHAHHA

walked around and laugh alot too =D...

oh well the weather is killing me... but im ok with it.... gotta start packing soon... hmmmmm hopefully i enjoy my trip and and and don get bully by DO RE MI DING AND DONG..... and and and


no one is allowed to pinch it...


exams are over but im still feeling ubberly down.. usually ppl tend to be very excited when they finish their exams or when they accomplished something... man this is a whole different story for me... usually i will be like WEEEEE~~~~~~ exams are over HOLIDAY!!! now is uh dead....

im super disappointed with myself for this sem man... studying last minutes was my choice and man i struggle through it... at times i nearly or should i say almost wanted to break down and cry while studying as im still on the same freaking page of my notes.... in the end i hold back my tears and continue praying so God can give me peace... but IT IS NOT WORKING!!!!!!!! GAH!!!!!!!!!! i never felt this weak b4 in my entire life besides goin through a rough moment for the begining of the year till june

i told joy but it did not help.. nothing can help me... after todays paper i went into a deep depression mood as i was driving my way to wincomm to pass something to joy... with my super stress and tired face i walked into wincomm... grrrr HATE this feeling... btw i din even sleep the whole night due to the pressure im goin through... talked to joy and also justin.. but i still feel numb and depressed...

waited for joy to go mcd instead of having ice cream i went for nuggets as i only ate cup noodle to last me the whole day... plus i did not eat the previous day... yeah yeah i know SELF ABUSING!!! but i really cannot help it by doin this way to torture myself... my brain keeps on telling exams la for wat wanna eat study la... so there i followed what my brain told me... having gastric pains in the middle of the night was what i expected with my own smartness i drank water to stop my tummy from sounding =(

obviously now there are many negative stuff in my mind now... keep on telling me im STUPID... for making such decision.. STUPID in answering and writting crap on the piece of paper bla bla bla in conclusion IM STUPID!!!!! super mad at myself right now =( is this human nature to think about oneself????

telling myself to look on the bright side as hey excursion is coming... holiday is on u can enjoy till the next sem comes... btw i will be on a trip to MY GOPENG this sunday and will be back on mon.. will blog about it when im back... till them ppl


Wednesday, July 22, 2009


howdy ppl... i know im not suppose to be here but im too stress up =S hmmmm suppose to go on hiatus but i juz wanna rant somewhere and my blog is only available besides FACEBOOK!!!! im actually very worried.... ppl will ask me bout wat??? well i this this post shall say everything out....

1st of all of course is my this exam la... although is only 2 subjects but is my 1st diploma paper.... is different compared to those which i have taken during cert level... totally different and this brings me to a new level... i really don know wat im feeling rite now but todays paper i think i did badly =(... trying to do my best but it is not my best... hopefully is a pass for this paper and also the next paper this friday =(

besides that im also worried of my future... as im taking hotel management now am i able to continue to work in a hotel??? i am actually wondering is it wat i want or i juz study for the sick to fill in my time in order to get a qualified cert??? i really don know... my condition now is that im studying in order to get good grades so that my parents will feel happy... is hotel management wat i want or wat???

im pretty confuse rite now... man is this wat i want?? am i happy with wat im taking??? am i suppose to be taking hotel management in the 1st place?? or im suppose to take other course??? i really don know man... after seeing ppl successfully in chasing after their dream and be happy bout it... this really make me think twice.... GAH!!!!!!!! *stressing*

not only that i have been absent in church since last week and this coming week... im afraid that i will fall with one slight mistake i made... as we all know we sin and fall for temptation easily... am i able to be obedient and listen??? priorities comes in handy in this situation... hmmmmm to tell honestly i have not been seeking God for help till im facing my exams... which mean again and again i have left HIM behind... wat happen to my daily prayers of quiet time in my room???

wat happen??? im asking myself this question now and im unable to answer it myself... gosh stress really build up juz like tat making me to think so much... im also wondering did i actually grow spiritually in my walk with HIM??? i really don know at all... im seriously clueless bout everything... am i lost????

well was praying and this is wat GOD speaks to me.....

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and i will give you rest.
Take my yoke upon you and learn from me,
for i am gentle and humble in heart,
and you will find rest for your souls.
For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.
matt 11:28-30

hopefully this verse help me le.... =( btw this is not an emo post it sounded like one but im not emo

Thursday, July 16, 2009



Wednesday, July 15, 2009


2 day is the day tat i finally get to meet with my school frens and they are benita and jess... it has been a while since i last saw them... and man we grow alot =) we went to food and tea for brunch as im the driver of the day... well is ok la at least is on the way...

i had cheese baked rice and i din really finish... hahahha good thing there is benita to help and also jess... after tat was walked and walked to burn those callories... went to PDI and i saw this top but i don think is nice on me... tried it but i HATE it... den it was toilet

hahah meet up with yi jun and teh... we talk for quite some time in front of vincci.. took one pic with yi jun

den it was off to the 100 yen shop where we ate ice cream... snow ice cream hahahha i had mango, benita had green tea and jess had milk flavour... i like the green tea one =)

benita suddenly said lets go shop in parade for a while and guess wat we tried on many dress and and man im so in love with them... gah!!!!! i really need to stop =) den send off jess for ballet at greentown and me and benita camwhore in front of her house... so gonna miss u gal when u r back in aussie =)

i had lot s of fun going out with u guys... =)

p/s: if i really got bf i will tell... don need to ask me... hahahhah i will keep everyone up to date.. don worry... btw im not desperate to have one also... it will come one day dont worry ppl =)

pp/s: me and jess decided to marry an ang mo so tat our future kids has blue eyes and nice hair... hahahha and and he muz be tall so when we wear heels it wont be effected at all... lol some random conversation we had... but all i can say we can continue dreaming of getting one... =P

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


lets make this post yellow... ahhahahha i finally had siu yuk fan at G Kam Fong in pasir puteh with joy and winson.... weeeee~~~~~ i finish my meat but not the rice... joy was hoping tat i cannot finish so she can eat my share.... =P

after that went back to wincomm and i was there for 1 hour... was being joy's assistance for 30 seconds... hahahhah i went facebooking kat wincomm le... i even took some pics and and im promoting insect repallent.... basically me and joy was fooling around =)

hahahha i actually made a video but nah im not gonna post it cuz im super retarded in it... den is off to winson's house to lepak seems im killing my time.... y not ... joy popo was doin thesis and so i took this....

kick kick kick!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahhaha ok im a boring person... someone pls update blog so i can read..... =)

i want a CONVERSE sneakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =(

Monday, July 13, 2009


was sleeping lovely when i was awaken by this msg saying hey later free to have lunch??? it was from ashley... so i said yes and went back to sleep... hahahha got ready at 11 something and waited for ashley to come.... we went secret recipe and THANK YOU ashley for treating me.... this is one blessing in disguised indeed =)

went back home and started to surf the net... my cousins in USA has facebook and i finally added them =) weeeee~~~ can keep in touch with them now... is study week this week and man time really passes by slowly... dad is currently in kl while im back home here... hmmmmm

only 4 more days and mummy and kor kor will be back... cant wait but can i enjoy like i always used to??? exams are coming and i feel like so relax... wat is wrong with me?? gotta start study soon man.... and im training myself now to sleep early... hahahha i must do it

nothing much happening today... sadnya

oh yea some random chat tat i have in the car with justin.... as i was looking at the car with the plate tat starts with P and here it goes.....

judee: where does P comes from?
justin: from bladder la.... lol
judee: not tat one la.... the car plate *stares and laugh*
justin: ohhhhh i thought wat....

den when i ask where does C comes from den he go think other stuff.... really funny la this conversation hahahahhah

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Ok the title on top does not mean anything cuz i really don know wat title i should give for this post.... today is the day kimberly is leaving us and goin aussie for her culinary studies... ahhhhh~~~~ will be sending her off at yoyo bus stand later in the evening... at least she gets to eat her nasi lemak and ramli burger sepuas-puas as she is still in ipoh... hahahahha

yesterday was my 2nd time in yik foong.... yes i said it YIK FOONG!!!!! aaron is teaching to be more bad by taking me to yik foong hahahhaha... no la was there to see cheap and yet real converse =) i was tempted to buy this nice roxy flip-flops =(

IS ALL AARON'S FAULT!!!!! although he came out with this idea of borrowing me money.... ahhhhhh i din fall for it =)

den it was off to jj... i am really abusing myself by goin jj... JJ ABUSE~~~~ oh no really need to stop goin jj.... i shall say no to jj... window shop and i still want tat yellow dress..... =( cant wait for mummy to come... *impatient ni* but wat to do have to wait....

went to the mamak near kim's house as it was the final farewell =) i had roti tissue but i din finish it... joy finish it and i had half ayam special burger... wooooooohooooo~~~~~ im HAPPY =) pics are taken

another one is leaving and the group is getting smaller... sigh i wonder when i will leave??? anyway went polo ground today and and i sudah bersemangat ady~~~~~ lets go somemore =)

p/s: faster go start a blog aaron and justin.... everyone has ady started and not both of u... hahahhah =P.... i wanna go breeze so badly now... i hope we are having dinner there ppl =S


juz came back from sending kim at the yoyo bus stand... man im ady starting to miss my ta kei/nasi lemak/shopping/yum cha/ driving companion... KIMBERLY LEONG =( b4 she left we have this short tea break at the kopitiam called h2o... justin is feeling expensive today....

hahahha den it was final pic with kim.... =( joy cried.. obviously i did not...

im so so gonna miss kim now.... hope u will find a good click of friends to mix with in aussie and wat is the most important the right church =)... will be praying for u kim... cya during chinese new year.....