Saturday, July 25, 2009

100 YEN!!!!

gulp gulp gulp =) i had my 100 yen green tea ice cream today with ashley... well we were in parade and and i got myself a new handbag... proud owner of it man.. not so down anymore now and im feeling bubbly back again... just a simple cup of ice cream can really cheer me up though... not only tat i cant stop laughing when me and ashley was in kopitiam junction while eating lunch together.. she told me tat when she will be in kl yee cheong is gonna get her pepper spray for protection and as for him is has a baton... i started laughing like mad and was thinking wat on earth yee cheong wants a baton.... HAHAHAHAHHA

walked around and laugh alot too =D...

oh well the weather is killing me... but im ok with it.... gotta start packing soon... hmmmmm hopefully i enjoy my trip and and and don get bully by DO RE MI DING AND DONG..... and and and


no one is allowed to pinch it...

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