Monday, July 6, 2009


weekends is always a whole day out and never go back home till super late... woke up early for church service and uncle justin fetched me... he was super bengang cuz there is this international run where the fat police will stop cars when the traffic light turns green.... he told me that he has been stop for 5 times b4 reaching my house... =S but the bengang face turns into laughing one cuz i said something stupid... lol fetched yee sue and then it was kylie...

upon reaching kylie's house... there is this misunderstanding... cuz winson ask justin to fetch but kylie told ashley to fetch so there was 2 cars in front of kylie's house... hahahhaha should have looked at kylie's blurrrrr face =P
service was boring i was talking with yee sue errrr wasnt listening to sermon. =) we ate chee cheong fun and it was youth.... played blow ping pong ball.. kylie improve alot hahahhaha.... den lunch at G KAM FONG but no siu yuk... =( nvm den it was off to jj.... we took some pics and it was in the TOILET!!!!

oh well juz some pics only den it was transformers again... this time with different ppl... they are weng kin, yee sue and kylie.... i still like BUMBLE BEE!!!!! he is so so CUTE =)

dinner at chang jiang and justin joined us... soon it was joy and winson... we have a wonderful time there but till one point my body battery soon callopse... and that is when i wanna go home and sleep.... thank goodness uncle wanna go home and yee sue need to be back so there i saw light shinning on my bed....

reach home at 11 and off brushing my teeth and washing my face... say hello to my bed and off to bed =) hahahhaha anyway my post is so random... BYE

eh wait edit abit... i saw the sky pink the other day and it was nice but pic came out errrrr look it yourself...

not that nice in pic though.. tat y it breaks my heart =( my noob camera betrayed me =(

i want a new CAMERA mummy =(.... ahhhh nvm i stick to it but mummy u r coming back soon... weeeeeeehoooooo~~~~ *happy happy happy* which means shopping here i came and SALES SALES SALES SALES SALES SALES SALES SALES!!!!!!! =D
p/s: i cut my hair... is light and whoever ask me not to cut and grow it long... so so sorry i cannot tahan ady so i decided to chop it off lol

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