Wednesday, July 15, 2009


2 day is the day tat i finally get to meet with my school frens and they are benita and jess... it has been a while since i last saw them... and man we grow alot =) we went to food and tea for brunch as im the driver of the day... well is ok la at least is on the way...

i had cheese baked rice and i din really finish... hahahha good thing there is benita to help and also jess... after tat was walked and walked to burn those callories... went to PDI and i saw this top but i don think is nice on me... tried it but i HATE it... den it was toilet

hahah meet up with yi jun and teh... we talk for quite some time in front of vincci.. took one pic with yi jun

den it was off to the 100 yen shop where we ate ice cream... snow ice cream hahahha i had mango, benita had green tea and jess had milk flavour... i like the green tea one =)

benita suddenly said lets go shop in parade for a while and guess wat we tried on many dress and and man im so in love with them... gah!!!!! i really need to stop =) den send off jess for ballet at greentown and me and benita camwhore in front of her house... so gonna miss u gal when u r back in aussie =)

i had lot s of fun going out with u guys... =)

p/s: if i really got bf i will tell... don need to ask me... hahahhah i will keep everyone up to date.. don worry... btw im not desperate to have one also... it will come one day dont worry ppl =)

pp/s: me and jess decided to marry an ang mo so tat our future kids has blue eyes and nice hair... hahahha and and he muz be tall so when we wear heels it wont be effected at all... lol some random conversation we had... but all i can say we can continue dreaming of getting one... =P

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