Thursday, July 9, 2009


went out with kim and im goin out later again.... hahahha ate nasi lemak in her school and off to mcd for mcflurry =)

sat inside mcd as the ice cream machine is not ready yet.... so it was camwhoring with kim and her phone.... finally i had my mcflurry...... and off to the hair dresser as kim needs a hair cut.... tell u there is no difference besides it is juz shorter....


then is off to jusco.... and we went for clothes hunting... in pdi i like this dress =) buy for me and i am sure to LOVE u.... whoever la and everywhere is SALES SALES SALES SALES SALES SALES SALES SALES SALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mummy im juz waiting for u to come back.... anyway went lunch with kim's mum and it was fun =)..... went back to kims house and off to jj again =) this time we went for hoodie hunting and and and im gonna get this top later when im goin jj again with my dad =)

hopefully dad will pay for me *crossing fingers* =X den kim was super tired so we went to food court to sit....

and is more shopping.... woah kim's mum can really shop and she is goin again hahahahha me too =)

oh yeah i saw this doggie and i always wanted it like very long time ago... get me this and i will LOVE u too hahahha

man i really do love shopping btw i juz got this black cardigen for rm 10 =) hahahha currently im moneyless... oh no!!!!!!!!!!! im really broke =(

kim is gonna leave this sat and im sure im gonna miss u kimbermario.... get me nice baju in aussie =)

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