Monday, July 27, 2009


this is an excursion not excavation and not exsecution.. hahahah well woke up early in the morning to prepare for chee leong to fetch me... i was shocked to see soong seng in the car... there goes the peace in the car... gathered in college at 10 den is on our way to MY GOPENG RESORT!!!!! there were 8 cars for this trip =)

on the way in the car there were many stupid happenings as i was in one car with chee leong, chang meng and soong seng... laughed alot but kinda sked when chee leong drove... like mad person on the road only =S but he still can joke and drive... upon reaching we have to go through narrow roads and i got sked and started to blindfold myself with the car seatbelt =(

the surrounding of the place were nice and there were lots of animals like duck, chicken, goose, fish, and lots more.... chalets were comfy and i kinda like it besides the bugs...

we were leaded to the canteen for some short briefing b4 checking into our rooms... we must say the keys does not match to the lock and we must try super long in order just to enter our rooms... gah!!!!!!!

unpacked and got ready for waterfall.... b4 moving me and my frens took some pics hahahhah and we actually choose a nice spot which was in fornt of the toilets... super nice rite???

and it was my 1st time seeing a baby monkey close up =) its so sos cute but it likes to bite... *seee in the pic also wanna bite my finger*... tooks somemore pics with nic hahahha so long din see him ady =)
pics of waterfall was not with me as my camera is with my lec... hahahha so no pics yet but when i receive them i will post it here =) bruises and cuts is wat me and friends got but i got the most..... den it was wash up and bbq!!!! FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD!!!!!!!everyone enjoying their meal after a tiring walked to the waterfall....

hahahah chang meng and soong seng's glutton position... look at their plates.... =O and chee leong asking me back MAU MATI AR!!!

after meal lepak somemore.. some were drinking some were playing gamblings cards and i was hopping from one place to another one... hahahha and finally settled down where we had some IQ or EQ questions where i know im super noob at and have to sacrificed my water bottle just for tat stupid question super GG i tell u the answers....

went played gambling cards a bit and off to the gals room for ghost stories... among all why this but it was kinda scary where they were saying about my college... grrrrrrr slept when they said bout buddhism or something... woke up and saw chee leong back in the room again... pillow stealler!!!!!!!!!! =( make me sleep on my hands the whole night... *is all your fault!!!!!!*
woke up at 7 something with backaches and more painful feeling went and brush teeth and took my shower... wow the water was freezing cold~~~ had breakfast and guess wat we had nasi lemak and kim this nasi lemak super nice wei!!!! hahahah took pic for u somemore =)

and i found a new enjoyment in the resort.. fishing hahahha must be wondering can judee actually fish?? and yes i got prove

take some bread and hooked on the hook as a bait..

wait for the fish to eat your bread...

and walah!!!!! i got a fish!!!! =)

hahahha and everyone join the fun b4 we all check-out

and we encounter with a bread stealer and its a duck... stupid duck steal our bread....

check-out and have some last pics of where we stay and also pics with DO RE MI DING DONG BELL... gonna miss them man as they have finish their HND level and going for their industrail training...
DO RE MI DING DONG BELL!!!!!!!! i will miss u guys man... class wont be fun anymore without u guys... it will be gloomy and quiet best of luck to kang wei and hoo kit as they are goin to genting... chang meng in kl soong seng i don know and chee leong lepaking in ipoh hahahahha

and here are the pics of my bruises...

thats all for now... hopefully i recover from all this aches and bruises... hehe =)

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