Tuesday, July 14, 2009


lets make this post yellow... ahhahahha i finally had siu yuk fan at G Kam Fong in pasir puteh with joy and winson.... weeeee~~~~~ i finish my meat but not the rice... joy was hoping tat i cannot finish so she can eat my share.... =P

after that went back to wincomm and i was there for 1 hour... was being joy's assistance for 30 seconds... hahahhah i went facebooking kat wincomm le... i even took some pics and and im promoting insect repallent.... basically me and joy was fooling around =)

hahahha i actually made a video but nah im not gonna post it cuz im super retarded in it... den is off to winson's house to lepak seems im killing my time.... y not ... joy popo was doin thesis and so i took this....

kick kick kick!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahhaha ok im a boring person... someone pls update blog so i can read..... =)

i want a CONVERSE sneakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =(

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