Monday, July 13, 2009


was sleeping lovely when i was awaken by this msg saying hey later free to have lunch??? it was from ashley... so i said yes and went back to sleep... hahahha got ready at 11 something and waited for ashley to come.... we went secret recipe and THANK YOU ashley for treating me.... this is one blessing in disguised indeed =)

went back home and started to surf the net... my cousins in USA has facebook and i finally added them =) weeeee~~~ can keep in touch with them now... is study week this week and man time really passes by slowly... dad is currently in kl while im back home here... hmmmmm

only 4 more days and mummy and kor kor will be back... cant wait but can i enjoy like i always used to??? exams are coming and i feel like so relax... wat is wrong with me?? gotta start study soon man.... and im training myself now to sleep early... hahahha i must do it

nothing much happening today... sadnya

oh yea some random chat tat i have in the car with justin.... as i was looking at the car with the plate tat starts with P and here it goes.....

judee: where does P comes from?
justin: from bladder la.... lol
judee: not tat one la.... the car plate *stares and laugh*
justin: ohhhhh i thought wat....

den when i ask where does C comes from den he go think other stuff.... really funny la this conversation hahahahhah

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