Wednesday, July 8, 2009


lol i know something that most of us don know... hahahhaha *suspense sikit ler* well for sure i cannot tell and and its a secret between me and him.. weeee~~~~~ cupcakes model 2009 was held yesterday and today... and this is wat i do....
vote them in or vote them out..... hmmmm don really like tat job but hey i got my pang sai player *PSP* with me =)

today was my most enjoyable day.... class i screwed up cuz i didnt know how 2 spell -S W I M M I N G P O O L- hahahah thanks to chee leong and chang meng for sendin me sms reminding me how 2 spell.... cacat seniors..... more notes amd more stress....

after class went back home and get ready for ahem to take me out... i cannot say who =P... is a secret lor~~~ hahahah we all went mcd for lunch weeehooooo~~~~ tat's all la... hahahha u all will know who is it =) but im the 1st person to know =)
hint hint *my brother*

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