Thursday, August 6, 2009


finally me and my college mates have an outing... this outing was consist of me, fiona, patricia and chee leong.. soong seng din turn up cuz he was sick... owhh~~~~ kesiannya... hahahha anyway we had fun...
1st of all i would like to say tat is so not cool for a guy to let 3 gals waiting in e box... so un gentleman of him *pointing at chee leong* anyway we took pics b4 he came and and patricia has a new hairstyle =)

and it was off to our room to sing... we had food too... nuggets, fries and wedges.. and drinks as well =) everything for rm 37 and 4 hours of non stop singing... this time din really take lots of pics though but i did found out tat their nuggets is like breeze cafe nuggets =/

anyway shall let the pics do the talking cuz we sang and sang and i took a few candids =)
at 1st chee leong does not wanna sing den we all make him sing hahahah and finally he took the mic and sang some jay chou song which i don know at all....

ahhhh feel so laid back man but unfortunately need to be back to college on monday.... ada orang sangat chuen lo saying tat he wanna go back college also cannot cuz seems he finish his HND *still pointing at chee leong* anyway i write more as i got another outing 2 moro =)
stomach don feel well again hmmmm and i still got outing to go... can i stand it???

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