Friday, August 7, 2009


2 day is another outing for me where i get to meet up with jeet jeet, jenny and joan.. they are 3 out of my 7 dwarves... hehehe and did u all notice we are all J's =)... today it really tested me how long i can drive and boy oh boy i drove the whole day from my house to college to acs den to jj den to butiques in east and den to town back to acs and it to simpang pulai and back home... PHEW~~~~ is really tiring with the jam all... and while i was in ACS me and jeet waited for joan and jenny for half an hour!!!!!

we had lunch in jj food court seems all of us are saving up =) den we went looking at tops and dresses and and shoes =) all gals favourite and is obviously mua favourite hehehhe

jenny was trying on her dress for her AGM thingy... oh well den when joan tried on the dress we all went in to take photos =) oh well is our thing whenever gals goes out together... and i found my twin 0.0

den as time was running late i did manage to get my white hairband for less den 4 bucks =) hahahha seee i don need to get expensive stuff... den is off into my cars and more pics.. i was driving and taking pics man =/
i notice everyone loves the froggie in my car... i wonder y and whoever sits my car will ask me to give them my froggie... ITS MINE!!!! JUDEE'S PROPERTY K =P

mua greedy look.... no is a no!! anyway jeet is gonna fly to indonesia soon and we will miss her... gah!!!!! but all the best in indon and don find an indon bf hahahha we will wait for u to come back and den it will be our snow white and the 7 dwarves reunion where everyone from everywhere will be back to meet up...

ok i don wanna drive ady =( but i got no choice tat my stupid mouth said this... "so long din drive to church ady la... why not this sun i drive" JUDEE U SUPER SMART LA~~~ anyway don care la hahhaha

oh yeah i like this top... buy for me buy for me =P

byes ppl =)
edited: i don really like the other top ady but i like this and is in mua hands... =) my dad brought for me =) and and he said he is getting a new handphone and he said he don mind getting me a new one too =) *eyes open widely* lol im gonna trade in my current phone and get a brand new one HO HO HO HO~~~~~

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