Monday, August 3, 2009


not suprising rite the title on top??? and yet she does it again... good thing she has her friends to help her out when it comes to food.... was out lunch with joy and justin today... we went tasty place and i ordered wat tan hor... hahahha i cannot finish and there goes my food to justin...

my magic word:

there you go... you can have it

when i say this means im full and i cannot put in anymore food into my stomach... well wat happen to my aim of finishing a bowl or a meal by myself??? hahahah free food for my friends =) this is wat u call

sharing is caring

wait now is ady called

sharing is by giving away your food

anyway as long as u guys help me finish it and wont waste my money den can ady...oh yea im c raving for breeze cafe nuggets man... someone pls organise a yum cha session again in breeze.....

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