Saturday, August 29, 2009


yesterday we were at breeze cafe to celebrate ashley's farewell... she is going kl for one purpose and for that purpose only... hahahha but she will be back like very once a month that consider ok la... but yet i am gonna miss her cuz this means no more lunch or dinner with her and no more pasar malam before goin to justin's house for prayers =(

oh yeah yee cheong cant stop singing about his dad's kancil when i was in the car... urg~~~ banyak annoying la... hahahha and and when me yee cheong and ashley arrived... we were watching this sports thingy and ashley said oh FOOTBALL!! me and yee cheong started laughing cuz the players are playing football with a hockey stick...

everyone was watching the foot/hockey match but to tell u guys honestly i wanna go to bed the moment the clock strike 11 pm..... i was having this headache but i juz kept quiet and so i wont talked....

assignment questions are here... due date in 1 month and gosh~~~~~~ i need to start doing them =(... i think i wont be going anywhere for now bye peeps


oh well as everyone knows i don know accounts at all.. and im stuck at home whole day doing double entry using the computer.... gah~~~ i hate it =(

joy came over and teach me... hmmmmm i still don like wonder why my frens took it and drop it when they enter form 5... i totally understand now

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