Wednesday, August 5, 2009


in another few more days i will be back in college for my 2nd sem in my higher national diploma... hmmmm no timetable at all... is always last minute in hadling in timetable which i dislike bout this college...

anyway i went pasar malam yesterday with ashley b4 goin for prayer's in justin house... i kinda LOVE pasar malam now cuz they sell my favourite tako balls which is octopus balls =) and next week we are goin again and this time i muz buy the fried chicken heheheh

2 day i went lunch with joy and winson and we had G KAM FONG siu yuk!!! i suggested tat place and after tat went post office and the star office... followed joy to purchase her colour lens.. YES!!!! joy is gonna wear colour lens and off to college... help her in doing her questionnaire where i ask ppl to filled in for her... hmmmm this is the advantage of being famous in college where everyone knows you and ask u how come u din attend the meeting??

as usual i put on a blurr face and ask back WHAT MEETING??? anyway finished joy questionnaire in a short while =) errrrr few more days means back to uniform... ahhhhh i think im fat ady and i cannot fit into it la... OH NO!!!! hmmmmm gonna go on diet again =)

2 moro im gonna sing k in e box =) it has been a while i went there hahahha shall blog bout it 2 moro stay tune ppl

some random pics with sue and shuen... is the dress day =)

p/s: there is no such thing as pikat the gal b cuz of her car... grrr and i will not fall for it... is totally lame ok... so mr banana u tak ada chance =P

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