Wednesday, August 19, 2009


im feeling the guilt again... i know i have been sinning alot =(... this actually make me even more depressed.. i always say i wanna walk right with God but hey looks like the devil is always there to tempt me and make me fall.. i feel such a FAILURE =(

yesterday had prayer in justin's house... i don feel comfortable at all... i was so distracted with all my sins and i felt numb... i keep on asking God "how can you still be so kind to me and continue to give me blessings eventhough im still sinning?" is this wat u called God's grace which is so wonderful that he don count any of our sins?

im still repenting for wat i have done which i will not say in here... but yet i still feel the guilt in me... when all this comes i will not talk tat much with my frens... i would rather choose to be alone now den be out with frens for yum cha or other stuffs.. kylie chatted with me yesterday in msn and i was so sad that i could not reply wat she ask me... but thanks God that my line got cut... i seriously don know wat to say to kylie and im really sorry eventhough she don read my blog...

anyway im leaving ipoh for few days.. will be back to blog

p/s: i really do miss my mum... i would do anything to hurt or torture myself in order my mum to come back to ipoh =(

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