Monday, August 10, 2009


don ask me to speak anymore canto ok???? everytime i speak it will be the joke of the day... like for example...

situation 1

africa in canto is fei zhou.... to judee is LAM FEI~~~ *where on earth is tat???*

situation 2

chopstick in canto is fai zi.... to me is FAI ZHI which i pronounce as retarded paper....

situation 3

besides mooncake there is some biscuit that is call kung zai peng... and to me is called HAM ZHU PENG

situation 4

hamburger in canto is call hong bou pau... to me is pronounce as HOM PO PAU where is sounded like scary pau.... yes yes after eating it u will get nightmare...

situation 5

i cannot pronounce fried chicken in canto properly... so it will end up runaway chicken or smelly chicken...

situation 6

i don know which is left or right in canto so don tell me to go left or right in canto... i will bring u somewhere else =)

situation 7

don ask me to translate something into cantonese as i will say something out which does not mean anything... or or or don test me something to do with canto cuz i will give u other answers which will make u laugh non stop....

situation 8

like i said fei zau is afica.... i said wrongly and i pronounced it as fart zau... in this country u can see everyone farting and the king farts alot... hahahahha

situation 9

when u get sorethroat u guys will order gat zai suit.... i will order kat zai suit which stands for cough boy ice... grrrrrr no one corected me till i enter college... can u imagine tat i have been pronouncing it since young and just imagine my school canteen drink seller laughing inside their heart when i said tat...

situation 10

when u peel off something in canto is pai pei rite???? i said fei pei.... grrrrrrr fly away skin.... wat is wrong with me???

situation 11

town in canto is call kai cheong rite?? to me is KAI CHEONG where she pronounced as chicken intestines... errrrrr i don know wat i was thinking at that very moment...

situation 12

petaling street in kl is called che cheong kai... errrrrrrrrr u know i cannot pronounced the last one nicely and it will end up CHEE CHEONG from CHEE CHEONG FUN and also KAI from chicken... so so so it sounds like CHEE CHEONG KAI~~~~~ 0.0

want tips on how come im so fair as an A4 paper????


hahahahha anyway last time i got use johnson and johnson milk body wash.... but it don work so i also don know how i become so fair...

im in love with forever 21 dresses.... yes yes and i want to own them =) btw i cant stop laughing at yee cheong's pics... hahahahha

so in conclusion.... im a tatol BANANA....


Nic said...

u so so so funny la gal~
town in canto is ' xing xi'
'gai cheong' mean to a vegemarket or any shop build near to the street oni call that . ^^

Ju Dee said...

nic u also know im a banana lo
u so smart come back to olympia and teach me la =)

seeee u go keris... make me more banana only =P