Saturday, September 26, 2009

I LOVE 2008

i was browsing through my past post in 2008 and i actually love that year..... i don know why but anyway here is the whole summary again... begining of the year i was actually torn apart due to NS camp but hey it actually turn out to be great and i don feel like coming back..

i was pretty much stress up after that cuz i don know where to go for my further studies and hence finally i end up in olympia college.... but hey i actually love my course... oh yes i did my very 1st henna.. trying out hard alcohol and also wine... which lead to me being a tomato face..

not only that i learn to cook great food such as roast chicken, chicken maryland, mushroom soup from scrap, lasagna and pastry stuffs....

not only that... i have fun trips as well like camerons, meru height, damai laut, gunung lang and my very own family trip to laos...

besides that my very 1st working experience for a banquet function in syuen which cause me to bang my car towards the wall on the way out..... and i only earm 26.40 for whole nite till 1 am +

i also had some outing with my collegemates to enjoy buffet at ritz garden, indulgence outing, jj outing for christmas, e box singing session and wait i totally forgot bout our cocktail presentation and also the food studies project which was a total achievement.... hahahahaha cuz the deep ocean and bikini bottom tag thingy i did it ok.... im so creative hahahaha

moreover it was raya where i was drunk... yes alcohol abuse where i drank waterfall which has flame in it... i was blabbing nonstop... i know i know hahaha muka pun tukar merah....

had visits in fiona's house b4 goin to rajesh house for deepavali and hey 1st time i meet crystle

and lastly my own trip down to spore where i miss everything back in ipoh but hey i did manage to go out with yee sue during christmas... hahahha

i also learn who are my true frens and who are not.... and besides of all this fun i still have not so fun moments like having chicken pox... errrrr arguements oh well wat i s life all about... hahaha i juz think 2008 was the best year of all.... if only i could turn back time.... sigh~~~~~~~

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