Monday, September 14, 2009


i am happy and sad at the same time.... well im happy that my mum will be back soon.. not only tat im happy cuz i know where im goin next year... ho ho ho im flying on a plane to somewhere for my birthday... eventually it was a suprise but guess wat someone said something accidentally... so is no longer a suprise for me and YES im going on a family trip back.... hahahahha i wonder when was the last time i had a family trip???? must be a couple of years back...

ok back to the sad part... im sad that im still sick... besides that im sad that i need to get a new handbag for myself with my own money... mum said she wont buy for me and wants me to earn my own money and get it myself... hmmmm im considering of starving myself so that i can have my weekly allowence to own that handbag i like.... is this a right move or not??? or i shall ask my mum to sponser a bit like 30 and from dad like 30 too den i pay 30 for my lovely handbag???

but i cannot be asking my dad as he wil get me a new phone and he will or might be paying for my birthday trip next year... hmmmm but i really do love that bag... ANYONE OUT THERE BUYING FOR ME????? mayb i should go and find a job work part-time and earn money and save up and buy that bag???

good idea wei but i only can work on like mon, fri and the weekends... which means no church no outing and wut looking at ppl in shopping malls???? sigh~~~~ mayb during my holidays i wont be going down to spore... grrr decision decision =(


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