Monday, September 28, 2009


finally the day is here.. TG TUALANG im coming to u... hahahah i did manage to get out of house... and went to fiona's to camp... but i forgot to bring my memory card so hence i went back home after fiona got ready.... den is off to college for this photography session... oooo seems im no longer the vice so i don need to wear formal... =)

after that was to miss house... ok we got lost... yes we juz went straight straight and there were no houses along the road... so U-turn i made and finally we reach... we jaga rumah while miss went and pick her daughter from school.... wanna know something stupid... miss laptop was on but it ask for a password... the GG part and memalukan was i try to crack miss password by putting her daughter's name and some random names from a book... when miss was back i ask her wat is the password... and she told me actually there is no PASSWORD!!! ahhhhh so dumb la me =X
anyway den it was off to tg tualang... woohoooo i din get to drive... miss drove lol is ok i get to relax... hahaha and we ordered like 5 dishes.... look look look at my photography skills =)

oh yeah did i mention that i cannot eat crabs and prawns as im allegic to them??? lol good thing there were fish, squid and veggie.... but i was super full cuz the fish i ate most of it... =X

hahahah everything finish~~~~ and hey i notice some difference for a crab and prawn eater to a non crab and prawn eater... look look look



kinda got lost on the way back.... and i was thinking of visiting my dog in the vet.... but seems i reach ipoh at 6 and the vet visiting time is finishes at 5.30 so i cant see my PIG.... anyway 2 moro i shall go and see her and bring her treats... i think thats all.... ADIOUS PPL =)

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