Monday, October 26, 2009


does it hurt to dream something u wanted for??? well currently i want a new car to replace the stupid wira which gives lots of problems.... even with the honda at home well that is not my car... i want my very own car and its not fair that my sis own a car when she was 18... i always wanted a mini cooper white like in this pic...

its so beautiful.... wait if i cant have this... i can have a mazda 6... =) will that hurt cuz it cost more????

or maybe a lancer????

eh wait my sis has this in spore... nah i don wanna have the same car as her.... no no no... but hey i like the mazda 6 =)

does it really hurt alot to dream wat u want???? i cant wait for my very own car... hehe and juz to spill it a bit... soon~~~~ maybe 2011???

Thursday, October 22, 2009


finally i know how 2 change layout as yee cheong decided to change his... he inspired me to do so... lol from now onwards i don wanna change ady cuz it takes lots of time making it nice....


im currently waiting for my abang to come back from kl.... takei, bowling and lots more we planned hahahahah


i went pasar malam the other day and and i saw guinea pigs... so cute i want it i want it..... buy for me thank u =)

Friday, October 16, 2009


i was out with sue and her sis the whole day.... and wat do gals do when we are together??? SHOPPING!!! titles says it all... hehe ate brunch at kopitiam junction and boy i was super full after that.... we walked and i tried on many dresses but i din really take most of it .... lol

i adore dresses now... i don know why but i really love dresses now =)

i am a proud owner of 2 dresses now... weehooooo and more pics...

den it was back home to my house... they crashed my house while waiting to kill time... we camwhore more in my house and we talked and laughed non stop....

anyway when mummy is back... i will get more dresses for being a good gal who help out during the house renovation.... oh and my hair is long le... mummy i wanna cut my hair~~~~~

i need to kam fei... KAM FEI KAM FEI!!!!!!!!! =)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


goodbye wira... i know i will miss u

and hello HONDA =)

i get to drive it... hahaha and and oh my is so so comfortable.... dad is not used to it but i adapt to it very fast.... weeeeeehoooooooooo =) thx gor cuz i open it like its my present and not yours... lol XP

Monday, October 12, 2009


call me weird or other stuff but im still a human being... aaron said this the more he goes out with me the more weird things he found out about me... lol oh well im still me la juz u guys don really know hahaha.....

ok ok speaking of collection..... is alcohols *eyes wide opes*

u guys must be thinking thats all rite... nope more to come hahahah

wats more den the whole thing????? i know i got alot of it but im still finding and getting them ho ho ho and they are all not for SALE!!!!

i want more... i want more.... especially for the vodka ones... =)

Saturday, October 3, 2009


ahhhhhh i got my nokia 5130 express music phone ady~~~~ im happy cuz its red... wats makes me more happy is my fat COW/PANDA/PIG/ZOMBIE dog is back home and man she is slight skinny... shall feed her till she is super fat back again hahahaha

oh oh oh wanna know something????? i was out till almost 4 am yesterday.... YES YES YES this is a true story.... i was out till that time with aaron, yee cheong and winson for takei...
and wats more funny i was lock outside as my dad thinks im ady back home.... have to wake him up early in the morning in order for him to open the door.... phewwww im safe im safe im safe~~~

in conclusion infi com sucks... the surrounding is not comfortable so we had to change location to imax.... imax hmmmm ok la at least it did not lag.... i have fun... its a good way to release stress from assignments....

btw is my 1st time staying up awake outside of the house.... oooooo will i do it again????? if my luck is good i shall play with chances =)

OMG!!!! me eyebags are so deep

and im having pimples