Monday, October 26, 2009


does it hurt to dream something u wanted for??? well currently i want a new car to replace the stupid wira which gives lots of problems.... even with the honda at home well that is not my car... i want my very own car and its not fair that my sis own a car when she was 18... i always wanted a mini cooper white like in this pic...

its so beautiful.... wait if i cant have this... i can have a mazda 6... =) will that hurt cuz it cost more????

or maybe a lancer????

eh wait my sis has this in spore... nah i don wanna have the same car as her.... no no no... but hey i like the mazda 6 =)

does it really hurt alot to dream wat u want???? i cant wait for my very own car... hehe and juz to spill it a bit... soon~~~~ maybe 2011???

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