Friday, October 16, 2009


i was out with sue and her sis the whole day.... and wat do gals do when we are together??? SHOPPING!!! titles says it all... hehe ate brunch at kopitiam junction and boy i was super full after that.... we walked and i tried on many dresses but i din really take most of it .... lol

i adore dresses now... i don know why but i really love dresses now =)

i am a proud owner of 2 dresses now... weehooooo and more pics...

den it was back home to my house... they crashed my house while waiting to kill time... we camwhore more in my house and we talked and laughed non stop....

anyway when mummy is back... i will get more dresses for being a good gal who help out during the house renovation.... oh and my hair is long le... mummy i wanna cut my hair~~~~~

i need to kam fei... KAM FEI KAM FEI!!!!!!!!! =)

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re-JOY-ice!!! said...

i like the pink dress and the one with black top.