Saturday, October 3, 2009


ahhhhhh i got my nokia 5130 express music phone ady~~~~ im happy cuz its red... wats makes me more happy is my fat COW/PANDA/PIG/ZOMBIE dog is back home and man she is slight skinny... shall feed her till she is super fat back again hahahaha

oh oh oh wanna know something????? i was out till almost 4 am yesterday.... YES YES YES this is a true story.... i was out till that time with aaron, yee cheong and winson for takei...
and wats more funny i was lock outside as my dad thinks im ady back home.... have to wake him up early in the morning in order for him to open the door.... phewwww im safe im safe im safe~~~

in conclusion infi com sucks... the surrounding is not comfortable so we had to change location to imax.... imax hmmmm ok la at least it did not lag.... i have fun... its a good way to release stress from assignments....

btw is my 1st time staying up awake outside of the house.... oooooo will i do it again????? if my luck is good i shall play with chances =)

OMG!!!! me eyebags are so deep

and im having pimples

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