Monday, November 16, 2009


im known as the human pinball.... i gotta stop banging stuffs at home... i need to open my eyes big big and watch where im going and also what is in front of me.... i have been banging into doors which are close... walls just in front of me and also the computer table and not forgetting the dining table and also the chairs....

it seems like im in a new house but the problem is IM NOT!!! hahaha *weird??*

anyway L4D 2 is out~~~~~~~~~ KIMBERLY i shall start playing that game when u r back and for now.... im gonna bertaubat from takei's~~~ yes bertaubat =) been spending lots of $$$$ on those and now my shopping addictions are coming back.... is not harmful at all to look at stuffs you want rite???

im a girl with full of dreams~~ yeah rite more like full of wanting... hahaha yeap i now kinda want a new necklace with just a simple plain star as a pendant... wonder how much is it??? hey wait my title oh yes~~~ I GOTTA STOP THINKING OF STUFFS I WANT!!!!

from now onwards i shall never say i want i want i want but to say I DONT WANT I DONT WANT I DON WANT.... =)

judee pls stop BANGING INTO STUFFS AROUND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


woke up early to send mummy off to the bus station... the feeling of saying goodbye all over again makes me sad but im ok with it.... a week with her at home really make a big difference that cannot be describe.... although it was a sad week but everyone still gotta move on...

i was indeed happy when mummy was back but upon receiving the news stating a friend of mine had pass away on the very same day takes its toll on me.... i don feel sad or shocked that my fren had pass away but i feel calm cuz i know God's is with him... jason was indeed a funny guy... the way he talks, the way he react to a certain person and when he ask questions... it just make me laughed non stop and i still remember the 1st time i fetch him to church he said wah u drives a sport car????

he was indeed a great guy... and i felt regretted for not spending more time with him... the last time i saw him was in pasar malam where he brushes he teeth before going... at that moment i asked him were u getting ready for bed before wins came and fetch u?? hahaha den we juz laughed... and i still remember where he did the cat walked during forfeit...

jason we will always remember u as one great man of God... we will definately miss your presence in GMC now... but hey hopefully u r enjoying a blast in heavan =).. see you when we meet up there~~~~

with the lost of jason he has tought me to cherish the time more with my love ones.... time is sometimes too short and anything can happen in a split seconds.... every second or minute in life is precious and yes it had make a big impact on me....

Monday, November 2, 2009


im officially having a big big wide smile on me face as i had fun 2 day with me abang.... we went mcd jj for lunch and i finally get to drive me honda city~~~~ AGAIN.... hahahaha and he got his crystal clear cup thingy and oh no i jadi mangsa to carry it cuz i had a big bag.... grrrr

btw i got to drove his kelissa yesterday and i wanna drive somemore.... me wanna drive your kelissa ABANG!!!!

at this stage i would rather be the person driving compared to being drove around cuz im super traumatize sitting at the passenger seat... is not only super but is extremely.... hence i will drive no matter wat...

mummy is coming back 2MORO!!!!!!! shopping shopping shopping shopping shopping~~~~~ =)

ahhhhhhh and i found out that esprit still got sales.... wooooooohoooooooo mummy i wanna i wanna i wanna =)

wanna know something funny??? me and aaron saw this movie called transmorphes in speedy... lol the ciplak version of transformers but ada megan fox kat dalam le... hahahaha im just so random =P


oh yeah i went parade at night with me abang... we went there for the levis sales but hey not so nice also... such a dissapointment man... but hey there is a converse shop kat parade.... wooooohooooooo its so so nice... finnaly they have their own shop but me and aaron don get it y muz they sell other stuffs???

from out of boredom in parade so we decided to cabut and go to kopitiam... ENRICHED CHOCOLATE SATU!!!! =) my satisfying drink.... while abang's satisfying drink is hazelnut.... ahhhhhhh sedapnya.... den we went tengok dvds... we are really bored and so we balik.... i found out that HONDA CITY tak ada wiper belakang.... oi how 2 drive when there heavy rain????

very malu tau cuz i was finding the stupid button to wipe the window behind and i terflash the car in front ... super malu tau =( and another more malu thing i shall not say here... its really memalukan~~~~ i think tat all... hahaha