Monday, November 16, 2009


im known as the human pinball.... i gotta stop banging stuffs at home... i need to open my eyes big big and watch where im going and also what is in front of me.... i have been banging into doors which are close... walls just in front of me and also the computer table and not forgetting the dining table and also the chairs....

it seems like im in a new house but the problem is IM NOT!!! hahaha *weird??*

anyway L4D 2 is out~~~~~~~~~ KIMBERLY i shall start playing that game when u r back and for now.... im gonna bertaubat from takei's~~~ yes bertaubat =) been spending lots of $$$$ on those and now my shopping addictions are coming back.... is not harmful at all to look at stuffs you want rite???

im a girl with full of dreams~~ yeah rite more like full of wanting... hahaha yeap i now kinda want a new necklace with just a simple plain star as a pendant... wonder how much is it??? hey wait my title oh yes~~~ I GOTTA STOP THINKING OF STUFFS I WANT!!!!

from now onwards i shall never say i want i want i want but to say I DONT WANT I DONT WANT I DON WANT.... =)

judee pls stop BANGING INTO STUFFS AROUND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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