Saturday, December 26, 2009


MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone.... lol i know is late but i kinda have an interesting christmas back in ipoh... went church was late due to something and after church here comes the best part... me, abang and andrew went to maria's cafe to chill and also talked.... hmmmm the food was superb... aaron ordered the beef pie and wootsssss it taste great

i had my carrot cake while andrew had blueberry cheesecake.... woh woh woh

maria's was definately a place to chat cuz it really quiet and boy i just love the surroundings... besides smelling weird smell whenever the toilet door opens... but overall it was great and im thinking can we have lunch or dinner there???

i saw the steak and it was woah..... hahahah its a must to dine-in in maria's cafe =)


p/s: just came back from takei and it was super GG.... takei just made my day and what is more with people whom makes me laugh instead of making me pissed... lol

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