Thursday, December 17, 2009


had a fun time chattering all the way and also eating.... in mcd gunung rapat again... hahaha gotta stop going mcd and also kopitiam if i can tahan my addictions towards takei in big j and also enriched chocolate..... such sinful treats i have for myself.... a day out with william choi wee lim was one funny and practically showing our noobness towards each other....

i thought he was those pro type of person in takei but like what he said i did not play or go cc for a very long time and man he was right.... played l4d 2 with him and boy what do you get when there is 2 noob person in a game??? i cant stop laughing while i was teaching him playing telling him the infected zombies and all.... he actually learn quite fast... what to do people smart... hahahha

will be seeing him more often now as he is free from studies till his results are out.... what i know he dont like playing DOTA... mostly guys i know they love dota... without dota is like no life towards them... hahaha *this phrase is refering to lamestbabisnog* but but but im jealous of william that he has 2 new gadgets to play with... a new pedal and an amp.... woah~~~~ kaya raya ni

a person with music talents.... you would not wanna see his collection is like WOAH for me.... with guitars, bass, a drum set and other music instruments and now pedal and amp can do jamming at his house ady lol..... a fun guy to hang out with =)

decisions are always hard to make

i just dont get it

why talk crap but no actions at all

is all nonsense dont you think so?

i miss.....

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