Friday, December 18, 2009


im heep... im excited as i got new tops and a new dress in to my cupboard.... im admiring my baju-baju sekalians now.... hahaha shopping spree planned by me and abang was indeed a successful one.... yesterday me and abang went jusco... but before that was in church as abang gotta practice for the service this sunday.... christmas is coming... so camwhore la sikit

it was dead boring... yawning for don know how many times while they were practicing.... finally time for jj and boy seems is dooms day ahhhhh shopping can cure... the entire time i was there i only manage to get one top in pdi... grrrrr but i like the nose flats but no discount... someone get that for me as my christmas pressie.... hahaha

the top i got and abang got his jeans and also pants... back home felt guity for not buying the rest.... nvm~~~~

today was another exciting day.... hahahha me and abang went parade to continue our shopping spree... he has a list to buy but me nope nothing.... the mission of dieting failed and hence kopitiam junction for our lunch...

wurt wurt wurt~~~~ tops i brought

dress ini half of the price abang paid for me as my christmas gift... so good hor... thank you so much~~~~ =) thats all still wondering should i go for the play or not...

p/s: i saw my master... i saw him and man i kena bully badly from him.... can i have a new master?????


went jj with my school friends today... a plan out outing which some people ffk me, jenny and rachel... grrrr nvm i brought another tank top from pdi and it only cost 24.50

and and my heels although i wanted the flats but tak ada my size HOW???? so i settle for this

my very 1st purple heels although i wanted the black one... hahahha yes black again but black can match with so many stuffs.... lol but seriously i think mummy is gonna kill me as i baru buang few pairs of shoes and now im buying and it comes up to 24 pairs... hahahhaha

i even brought a new eye liner and some other make up products... =)

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