Friday, December 4, 2009


suprisingly it was an OK movie for me.... despite of looking at jocab's hawt body.... and yes i kinda think jacob is way much more better than edward cullen.... if i were bella i would definately choose jacob over edward.... my reason are jacob is much more leng zai, he has electrifying eyes, nice body with six packs and they are real *drool*

had to leave straight right after movie and guess wat im gonna watch another movie tomorrow.... wooohooooooo 3 movies in a week and 21 bucks was indeed not down the drain cuz i wasnt even disappointed at all with the movies i watched....

come to think of it i kinda spend too much just for one week... ahhhh but you see next week is gonna be another week of more fun.... international set lunch awaits me, one day trip with my college mates to teluk batik and also the movie night that our youth has organize... food food food~~~~ eh since when i giler food????

did anyone notice i did not take pictures ady???? i miss taking pictures... shall resume after exams and my blog will be alive again.... yeshhhhhhh~~~~

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