Wednesday, December 9, 2009


another journey with my college mates to a place called teluk batik... hahah my 1st time to teluk batik and pls dont laugh~~~ at least improving on where im going... patricia jie jie was the driver while the girls o f HND which consist of me, fiona and kah men were in patricia's car.... hmmmmm i tell you being the driver will be super mad... tell you guys later... anyway upon reaching the beach.... im high im feeling it~~~ its the beach~~~

mainly we were there to release tension after exams and also one of our club activities.... more more pics... the juniors went too and we build something with sands... i know BUDAK KECIK~~~ =)... candid pictures of i dont know wat was going on... lol

Hmmmm was be wondering what i was doing??? i don even know... and let me present you the junior whom always bully me and pat... gupreet and choke

and how i wish abang, uncle justin, joy, winson and the rest were there with me... look i did you guys a favour =) that is why im emo-ing alone at the beach
I know my drawing here sucks... anyway was there till 1 pm and im tan.... i no longer have fair skin.... went to waterfront in lumut to buy stuffs and than it was lunch.... wohoooooo =) look at the foods...

mouth watering right???? hmmmm i tell you all it was thumb ups for the dishes.... kang wei was there to have lunch with us.... btw more pics will be in facebook... malas to upload here le.... anyway it was a good trip till at one point everyone got pissed off at the president.... drive so fast till other got lost... somemore blame people...

at one point me and fiona cannot tahan ady and so the shooting of words begin and hello dude this is not the 1st time.... you just have to spoiled every trip we go.... everyone wanna be happy but in the end you is always you who destroy everything.... i know you hated us for saying those harsh words that triggered your egoness... but as a friend we tell you off to make you realised your mistakes.... the battle is on and next time any trip... you shall not drive at all or maybe dont even come is the best~~~
p/s: was bitten by red ants at the beach and on the way to waterfront... there was a gigantic deep hole on the road and BOOOOMMMMM my elbow hurts and there is blood from the scars... ehhhhh im OK hopefully my elbow is ok cuz the knock was LOUD~~

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