Monday, January 18, 2010


hi peeps.... im back... i had an awesome week and i decided to cramp all in one post... be amazed what i have been doing lately =)

15 january 2010
its was my 20th birthday... woke up super early cuz kim wanted to go to her school to eat nasi lemak and hence we went tapau for aaron and weng kin too where we meet up at stadium to have our breakfast....

after that they headed for takei while i spend time with my family... took my aunt to econsave for her favourite groceries shopping and than it was back meeting up again with kim,aaron and weng kin for lunch... sushi king!!!!!!! thanks abang for treating me... hehehe

went to tesco to do some shopping for night dinner as kim is the chef who will be cooking for my birthday =).... went back home rest and out again at 7 something... help kim with the pizza's... we had 2 big huge pizzas, 2 types of speghatti and 2 types of desserts.... i baked the brownies with kim and it came out great =) but i did not take any pics of the brownies....

ate till mad and we even played indian poker... errr wasnt a great idea cuz i had one whole big cup of 7-up by myself~~~~ thank you everyone for the wishes and also present which i received... but what is more pics with my beloved friends who made my day wonderful =)

headed for takei in coffee net till 2 am and once reach home i did my packing for the trip down to i slept at 3 something

16th january 2010
woke up at 7 am... got ready and also did some last minute packing while waited for uncle justin to fetch me to the train station as my dad is away in penang... reach there early waited for 1o minutes and my friends came =)... took the 9 am train down to kl and we reach kl around 12 something... had hard time finding the right way out... oh i ate cup noodle in the train hehehehe

reach the hotel and it was checking out around.... room was great although it was small but it was nice and clean... waited for michy to come over as she just reach kl too and hence pics..

went out to times square and what i found out was it looks like parade where all lala goes besides it is much more bigger compared to parade... had gelato and im totally in love with it~~~

walked till 7 something where we went sungai wang and also lau yat *is that how you spell???* totally tired once reach the hotel and we had mamak for dinner as we are tight in money... waited till 9 something for jo to fetch me and yes i crash her house for a night... used her macbook and im still finding it hard at one point to navigate the mouse.... hahaha

17th january 2010
woke up early to get ready for my friends brother wedding.... took a long time in the shower room and walah im pretty~~~ lol took pics with jo and also jan in their beautiful house and their doggies is so cute....

headed back to the hotel to dumped my stuffs and also meet up with the rest of my fellow dwarves..... everyone looks stunning hawt~~~~ =D and boy it was my 1st time attendting a traditional indian wedding.... i know i asked too much questions hahahha but it was great

pictures with everyone although we are missing jeet jeet and also hasy... if you guys were here... snow white and the 7 dwarves would be complete =) and guess what thanus was in saree... hahaha and she looks good... 1st time seeing her in saree

had very spicy meal fo indian food where i nearly could not tahan but im improving on my spicy eating kebolehan hahahhaha we talked and talked and it was a great time chatting like we used too during our secondary life.... we headed back to the hotel for them to packed as the front office only allowed 15 minutes for us to check out... rush like mad hahahaha... once checked out we went straight to the train station and boy we really rot there like mad.... as our train back was at 3 pm we just hang at mcd till i fall asleep halfway sms-ing...

slept in the train the entire trip but once reach tapah all of us woke up and i started taking some pictures and also read some magazine that rachel brought.... i slept almost 2 hours in the train... oh my!!!!

a trip which was tiring yet memorable and enjoyable....wondering when will i come back to kl again and do some proper shopping hahahha.... anyway reach home at 6 something and i rest for a while till a horrorfiying call from kimberly came.... TAKEI!!!!!! hahaha went out again and boy im super duper sleepy..... i think tat was all my weekend was awesome =)

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