Friday, January 29, 2010

DO I???

woke up early gave abang a wake up call and bathe my doggie straight... got ready and i received something stating my car cant start~~~~~ hahahah battery dead and so i need to fetch abang.... went for mcd breakfast and ooooooo they have the mega thingy hahahha oh i did some pretty noob stuffs in the parking area in jj.... shall not be said =X

movie was great... we watch tooth fairy and man it is a highly recommendated movie to be watched.... laugh like mad where i did not aspect to listen this word... "you emo kid" hahahhha and man it was freezing cold in the cinema....

after movie i buat bising wanna makan as i did not finish my meal in mcd.... and so we walked and walked till i suggested to go black canyon.... ahhhhhhh is so so weird entering... its suppose to be a western food outlet but upon entering i heard "sawadeecup" *is that how you spell??? aaron had coffee and cake while for me was a meal.... oooooooo look look

long hair shall soon to be ultimately short..... and i am indeed a very bising one.... and you wouldnt wanna see my face when i was told to try the coffee ordered by aaron.... i was showing faces like no one saw b4.... and so good thing i have other stuffs like watermelon juice and also the tom yum soup.... suprisingly it taste good =) and i don like smilling while taking pics... but hey i don know wat to say when i smile.....

oh and i brought a new ankle thingy... seems someone said i got a dull life which revolves around only with black.... NAH!!!! now got blue and pink.... love it though hahahha

i have been pretty much influence by jethro about a mockingbird calibre and man it looks super nice.... look at it look at it and i know you would drool.....

listen to a kid wanted to go see fishes and aaron went see la like you only budak kecik.... ahhhh~~~~~ do i???? hehehe mayb i am... wakakakka =P gonna do mask now... pimple is killing me..... adious people =)

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