Wednesday, January 27, 2010


i really had lots of fun yesterday although my stomach wasnt feeling that well from the beginning till the end.... me, justin, joy and kim went to secret recipe for dinner... was actually a nice outing where everyone laugh like mad... chilling and just plain fun... kinda like being in a small group compared to a big one...

cakes cakes cakes... i had oreo cheese cake and also yogurt cheese cake... and kim had another cheese cake which i couldnt remember the name... and joy had lemon... ngeh ngeh ngeh i don like lemon!!!!! which i did not take a pic of it... hahahahha

justin really loves putting extra stuffs while im taking pics.... hahahah i wanna show my taking pics skills.... look look look

oooo *drools* if only i have a DSLR and my pics would be better... we were talking about fruits... hahahahha that is only between me and them and no one shall knows... after meal we suppose to go pasar malam but due to no parking and also us high on FRUITS.... we straight went coffee.... urg~~ i really cannot takei ady la... i will feel super nausea and what is more we played versus mode even there is only the 4 of us....

kim paired up with joy while leaving me and justin the 2 noobies which you all know wat will be the conclusion of the game.... and and i dont like dark carnival anymore.... phobia with the word takei and also dark carnival....

but still i had lots of fun with them and lastly~~~~~


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