Wednesday, January 6, 2010


my very 1st post for 2010!!!!!!! hello people i know i know i have not been blogging.... my internet line is killing me.... soon it will be super stable and by that time i am gonna have a wide smile on my face..... classes had started and im still in a holidaying mood... how i wish i got longer holiday....

last week my childhood friend came back to ipoh for a visit and she is miss joanne lee....

had lots of fun catching up with her and i will be visiting her soon too.... seems classes had started it has been very rusty week for me... my brain is not functioning wisely besides talking crap.... i think i miss drinking my enriched chocolate... and dont laugh!!!! i upgraded to "xi mut lai cha" * i don know how to spell*

i took the step of bravery to order that drink okay~~~~ but still i miss my enriched chocolate =)

oh my takei/shopping/driving/yum cha/chatting/companion and so on is back!!!! KIMBERLY LEONG is back hahahah just to spoil the mood i takei with her today right after my class... ho ho ho... fun time i had with her during takei =)

i miss my superman abang~~~~ 2 more days and he will be back and i can have my enriched weeeeee =)

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