Friday, January 8, 2010


i have an awesome time of catching up and hanging around with lamestbabisnog aka jethro... hahaha went there late actually but he needs to go over tesco to press money... =) so shop a while in jusco and when i was in esprit i saw SOO~~~ she is working there... soo is my deskmate whom seems to talked crap with me during schooling days....

oh ok back to my outing with jethro.... we meet up at chatter's kopitiam and ate our lunch there... the food was a no no but ok la its cheap and affordable.... lamestbabisnog treat me =) thank u so much and he gave me this as my b day/christmas pressie

i gave him too his b day/christmas pressie and then it was just plain walking and talking around jj.... aiyah jj very boring la don know can do what.... seems he needs to go tesco to get his working shoe so i went with him.... btw his car was in tesco..... brought my writting stuffs in tesco while i decided to take some pics

paid my stuff and headed to bata as he cannot find his shoes but in the end nothing and went back into tesco again.... try try try and look at his hand... the pressie i brought for him =)

oh i notice something..... its superman pic lol abang your friend!!!!!

and so it was picstures in tesco carpark...

quoted by him ....spam=ham GG.... babi fellow using dictionary words on me..... anyway i had fun and soon he will be working in kopitiam.... hahahah enriched enriched enriched =)

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