Thursday, February 11, 2010


my sales,development and merchandising class was cancelled so i get to be home early.... class was great cuz we had free pizza to eat.... *ngom ngom ngom* hahahaha pls be jealous that our lectural loves us so much that she pampered us with food LOL.... and and i DROVE MY LECTURAL'S CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mostly people wont allow me to drive their car as im still under probation but hey 3 more months my P will be gone =) so so i just got high while driving my lec's car heheheh

oh well patricia jie jie won for the calligraphy competition and we had additional rm30 bucks... more more more JUNK FOOD stored for our HND students...

and lastly HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

P/S: i was ask to join this competition but my reason was i am BANANA i don know chinese and what is more you ask me to write chinese... hahaha and a very thank you to aunty yvonne for the chinese new year card all the way from the land of hornbills.... i never once received b4 a card from there =)

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