Wednesday, March 31, 2010


this a a place for relaxation and for those who wish to get out of the working environment.... at first most people said only the rich, famous and wealthy can enter this place... it was proven wrong... anyone who can afford to pay rm3000 a night has the priviledge to enter... oh well is it the malaysia's first luxury nature wellness hot springs retreat... so glamour hor the name??? wait till u see the pics im gonna upload...

near the entrance... the way they designed the place was really breathe taking... i actually like the concept of getting closer to the nature surroundings

somehow was wondering how come my camera lens is so cekap... chun betul that every picture taken was very sharp and nice.... ok let me brief through this banjaran... there are 25 villas in total... namely lake villas and garden villas.... this is the lake villas and they look like villas kena banjir.... anyway the interior design for each villa is almost the same but what makes them different from hotels is that their bed is custom made... 7 by 7... very huge good for people to roll around =)

the are many facilities too for guests to relax... such as the meditation cave, the wellness spa with 8 different treatments, the dr fish pool, the reflexology pool, the steam cave, the crystal cave the hot dipping pool and lots more.... after the whole exploring around and finally it came to an end with refreshment for everyone to enjoy.... hahaha look at me and my friends

not regreted at all for visiting such beautiful place... but obviously was super tired and was trying hard to sleep in class... hahaha anyway off to GLEE~~~~~ i love this show....

Saturday, March 27, 2010


gosh.... i just realise how ulu am i due to assignments... i have been missing lots of fun with the movies around and pls pls pls dont make me freaking mad by telling me i watched it already.... cuz right now i swear i would kick you in the ass

1st of all this one people had been making me quite pissed off... i really really wanted to watch alice in wonderland... despite of knowing people had watched it... im gonna get the original DVD to watch *shows 2nd last finger*

next would be how to train your dragon..... i know is a cartoon thingy but this type of movie reminds me of UP, ICE AGE and so on....

following on would be the lovely bones... this movie is based on a book about a girl being murdered and she tells her story from heaven

remember me is with robert pattison.... im not a big fan of his but somehow a movie with him is ok...
next is clash of the titans..... everyone is talking about this movie and im aware of it.... somehow i got a feeling that whatever plan will not happen....
after that is...from paris with love.... fiona said this movie is nice but the period of showing has ended.... gonna get this dvd
somehow ipoh cinema is not that good as sometimes good movies are not shown here.... how sad right.... what saddening is that till now i still haven watch sherlock holmes, times travellers wife, made of honour couples retreat and so on.... anyway other movies which im waiting would be all this....

what is missing would be harry potter.... hahaha cannot find la the pic... anyway gonna rest now after a whole day of pressing the clutch and also the accelerator paddle.... got a new dress to pampared myself =)

Sunday, March 21, 2010


there is no youth at all so after service hang out at winson's place and next was wasabe restaurant... people who are fans of sushi might wanna try out there... it is a buffet style sushi restaurant which is located at casuarina 1 next to the hotel.... price is about RM35 per person but it was definately worth it =)

freshly cut salmons... the more we ordered the bigger the pieces were.... hehe ate like mad wei~~~ after that we were cunning enough to go BIG J/MAGIC PLANET... yes i played L4D2... but this time i get headache fast =(

oh and i learn something new... FTW= for the win LOL~~~~

looking at people playing dota makes me wonder why do boys get addictive to it huh??? they can actually play this game till early morning at 5... if i would go many rounds of L4D2 till 5am i would die of shooting too many zombies and in the end im a zombie as well....

thank God i do not have such addiction... anyway im getting my good complextion back after going through pimple breakout for like almost 5 months =) but my eyes are getting smaller.... which leads me to say this

"semakin hari semakin sepet mataku"

i cant wait for finals and also holiday.... i cant wait i just cant wait~~~~ SINGAPORE im coming!!!!! =)

p/s: Liverpool kalah wei~~~~ torres got yellow card... and i din know watching football is super fun even more fun than takei le... maybe looking at professional guys running on field making it more nice

Saturday, March 20, 2010


my assignments are DONE!!!! im free for a month before the finals... hahaha yesterdays weather was super duper warm but it aint stopping me from going out... i was out with william yesterday and we meet up in TOS which is next to papparich.... boy oh boy pls listen to me dont go TOS... drinks was yucks but food im not sure... cuz i did not try any of their food...

did lots of talking and laughing but it was obvious i kena the most due to my canto prob... eventually it was nice hanging out in a cafe but i don know should i put TOS under cafe category....

today is mummy's off day gonna make a call back to spore =)

i wanna eat spaghetti!!!!!!!! im so random now lol anyway i don know wat to write ady le... anyway ADIOUS PEEPS!!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


sorry for not updating my blog... been quite busy with assignments.... yes fully bounded with them as due date is near.... had sleepless night for almost 2 weeks now but still i gotta finish this bloody race right???? this post would be about a few weeks back where jie jie, jie fu, gor gor and mummy were back... had so much fun with them and i even skip classes just to have quality time with them... pics may say it all though lol

followed them to get junks back to spore and look at my jie fu's car... LANCER!!!!

btw some bitch scratch my jie fu's car when she was at fault in jusco... man did not know girls/ladies can be that ganas...

oh well jie fu said he will be getting a new car soon... so bye bye lancer and see what new car they are gonna get... lol i got meself a new specs and i love it... hahaha

thats all folks.... gonna relax now as i do not have my pendrive with me.... which means no assignments for me till i get my pendrive back... 6 down 1 pending... hahaha 1 more judee GAMBATEH!!!!!!! =)