Wednesday, March 31, 2010


this a a place for relaxation and for those who wish to get out of the working environment.... at first most people said only the rich, famous and wealthy can enter this place... it was proven wrong... anyone who can afford to pay rm3000 a night has the priviledge to enter... oh well is it the malaysia's first luxury nature wellness hot springs retreat... so glamour hor the name??? wait till u see the pics im gonna upload...

near the entrance... the way they designed the place was really breathe taking... i actually like the concept of getting closer to the nature surroundings

somehow was wondering how come my camera lens is so cekap... chun betul that every picture taken was very sharp and nice.... ok let me brief through this banjaran... there are 25 villas in total... namely lake villas and garden villas.... this is the lake villas and they look like villas kena banjir.... anyway the interior design for each villa is almost the same but what makes them different from hotels is that their bed is custom made... 7 by 7... very huge good for people to roll around =)

the are many facilities too for guests to relax... such as the meditation cave, the wellness spa with 8 different treatments, the dr fish pool, the reflexology pool, the steam cave, the crystal cave the hot dipping pool and lots more.... after the whole exploring around and finally it came to an end with refreshment for everyone to enjoy.... hahaha look at me and my friends

not regreted at all for visiting such beautiful place... but obviously was super tired and was trying hard to sleep in class... hahaha anyway off to GLEE~~~~~ i love this show....

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Doroshi said...

Hi, do u knw the spa packages there?? i wonder how much...:)