Saturday, March 20, 2010


my assignments are DONE!!!! im free for a month before the finals... hahaha yesterdays weather was super duper warm but it aint stopping me from going out... i was out with william yesterday and we meet up in TOS which is next to papparich.... boy oh boy pls listen to me dont go TOS... drinks was yucks but food im not sure... cuz i did not try any of their food...

did lots of talking and laughing but it was obvious i kena the most due to my canto prob... eventually it was nice hanging out in a cafe but i don know should i put TOS under cafe category....

today is mummy's off day gonna make a call back to spore =)

i wanna eat spaghetti!!!!!!!! im so random now lol anyway i don know wat to write ady le... anyway ADIOUS PEEPS!!!!

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