Saturday, March 13, 2010


sorry for not updating my blog... been quite busy with assignments.... yes fully bounded with them as due date is near.... had sleepless night for almost 2 weeks now but still i gotta finish this bloody race right???? this post would be about a few weeks back where jie jie, jie fu, gor gor and mummy were back... had so much fun with them and i even skip classes just to have quality time with them... pics may say it all though lol

followed them to get junks back to spore and look at my jie fu's car... LANCER!!!!

btw some bitch scratch my jie fu's car when she was at fault in jusco... man did not know girls/ladies can be that ganas...

oh well jie fu said he will be getting a new car soon... so bye bye lancer and see what new car they are gonna get... lol i got meself a new specs and i love it... hahaha

thats all folks.... gonna relax now as i do not have my pendrive with me.... which means no assignments for me till i get my pendrive back... 6 down 1 pending... hahaha 1 more judee GAMBATEH!!!!!!! =)

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