Sunday, March 21, 2010


there is no youth at all so after service hang out at winson's place and next was wasabe restaurant... people who are fans of sushi might wanna try out there... it is a buffet style sushi restaurant which is located at casuarina 1 next to the hotel.... price is about RM35 per person but it was definately worth it =)

freshly cut salmons... the more we ordered the bigger the pieces were.... hehe ate like mad wei~~~ after that we were cunning enough to go BIG J/MAGIC PLANET... yes i played L4D2... but this time i get headache fast =(

oh and i learn something new... FTW= for the win LOL~~~~

looking at people playing dota makes me wonder why do boys get addictive to it huh??? they can actually play this game till early morning at 5... if i would go many rounds of L4D2 till 5am i would die of shooting too many zombies and in the end im a zombie as well....

thank God i do not have such addiction... anyway im getting my good complextion back after going through pimple breakout for like almost 5 months =) but my eyes are getting smaller.... which leads me to say this

"semakin hari semakin sepet mataku"

i cant wait for finals and also holiday.... i cant wait i just cant wait~~~~ SINGAPORE im coming!!!!! =)

p/s: Liverpool kalah wei~~~~ torres got yellow card... and i din know watching football is super fun even more fun than takei le... maybe looking at professional guys running on field making it more nice

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