Saturday, April 17, 2010


despite of knowing ipoh is bloody warm and whenever you tend to go out you will sweat non stop... anyway me, justin, aaron and wengkin went to camerons to enjoy the breeze with cool air blowing on your face and literally feel clean without sweating the whole day... =) started our journey at 6 am in the morning... super semangat right??? yeah wanted to see the sun rise while we are on our journey up up up the hill.... scenery was breathe taking

reach there around 8 something and we had roti kosong and nasi lemak as well as teh tarik for breakfast... as you see its still early i dont really consume that much and i dont drink teh tarik... after breakfast we headed to a park nearby to chill around and also more pics

next would be walking around and finding ourselves in tea shop, kedai runcit and lots more and in an hour time or less than that we were found in the Tcafe having another meal... apple pie and scones =)... what is nice about this is that no one really knows it really exists unless you see the sign properly... is above merry brown and it has the HOMEY feel...

stoled merry brown's wifi and went online using aaron's phone updating our status in facebook... lol... next stop was just down the road in starbucks where we chill more, took a short nap, online more while drinking coffee and hot chocolate... hmmmm this only apply to aaron and wengkin while justin is relaxing and me playing with snakes with his phone =P

finally when we begin to rot... we decided to walked to convent school... it was actually a good walked though looking around hahaha me likey... we went uphill and it was indeed a good exercise after all those meal...
but it did not last long as we headed to uncle chow kopitiam for lunch... lol so much for exercising but we dont care cuz food is all we know... we had awesome meal and it was all homemade by aunty chow =).... justin is the model for uncle chow kopitiam.....

our final destination was the BOH tea plantation.... drove there but did a bit of hiking up where aaron and wengkin bising... hahaha i was high going uphill and when we reach there it was another round of chewing down cakes, cakes, and more cakes.... one thing i like was the breeze.... it was so nice =)

left camerons about 4 something... i slept a bit and i do not know what happen in the car... it was a great one day trip.... but i wanna stay a night in camerons and i do not wanna come back.... LOL... missing camerons alot now

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