Monday, August 30, 2010


here are some of the movies i have been watching online lately after exams... not bad and cutting edge 2 is worth watching as the guy is cute and hawt... nothing much to say as the writer has no more inspiration to write about something... things just keep happening and all i can do is shut up right now... somehow is best to keep everything to yourself than to voice out... i will no longer trust anyone as it has a high potential of getting hurt...

need i more to say??? im done till then wait for my next update cuz i have a high possibility of abandoning this blog for quite some time... bye

p/s: im not gonna reply any msgs or answer any calls besides those i only wish to talk to... sorry for doing things like that cuz im protecting myself... dont asked me what happen cuz i wont tell anything at all.. so dont come forcing me to say... i would rather keep it to myself like how i did and it was a bloody mistake to actually trusted people and tell them... i will never be comfortable again in sharing

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