Friday, August 20, 2010


one last post before i leave to the land of far far away of books as well as papers with green highlighted lines in it... exams in 3 days and im so so tired where i slept late, eating inconsistantly and emo-ing at the same time... everyone knows that im so loving my college right that i need to write out to public

im starting to worried for my resume for my training next year as i have an amazing or should i say an extraordinary lecturer... everyone calls him SUPERLEC and im not kidding as he does have super powers on how to make people wanna die faster so that we dont have to see him anymore... he is one lecturer from i do not know which century which does not even have an e-mail address and encourages us to use the fax machine... interesting right??

when my friend asked him about her training stuffs... he gets panic fast and starts his mumbling engine at the speed of light... when my friend said she wants penang this incredible lecturer responded like this "HAH! ipoh tak nak ar?" siapa pergi training sekarang? kawan i ke atau you sir? eventually my friend just ignored and told him i would wanna try out for G hotel or hard rock penang.. and he responded "G hotel itu apa hotel?" my goodness is a 5 star hotel and you do not know at all sir??

anyway as days pass and days of my friend bugging him about training... finally he confirmed something which it sounded fishy and guess what he went and apply for KL... my friend got so shocked like she got a heart attack and started shooting saying "SAYA MAU PENANG BUKAN KL!!!" must be wondering is my lecturer really that dumb like as in plain dumb or he is too smart for doing such thing...

lets keep the story moving as right now my friend has confirmed that she will be going for training in hard rock penang finally but things just got even worst that the SUPERLEC applied for 6 months and my friend went through another session of heart attack cause her training was supposingly for 3 months only... how am i not worried with my training when all this thing happen?? he even did one silly mistake for another friend of mine where he send his resume to the director of HR... dont you bloody know directors got other important stuff to do and when you send those trainee report it will end up in the junkmail??

somehow applying for training is so hard why not i just straight apply for a job instead huh... me and fiona decided to walk-in and interview for our training instead of depending on oh so smart lecturer who do not even know anything about hotels... im starting to wonder why would college approve of such person to teach students where he only had 10% or less of knowledge about hotels... my days are getting miserable when he is still around...

i need a job fast as i do not have any petrol money at all... jezzz finding job is so damn hard that no one accepts you to work for 2 weeks only as they would prefer people working for a month... decisions again where i need to adjust my time during the holidays for work as well as play... sigh~~~ i might eventually work day and night just to get extra income =(

you just dont understand at all
im so disappointed with you

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