Saturday, September 25, 2010


i have been meeting up with many of my friends during the raya break... my school friends as FKY is back from UK, mun teng from nilai while ah teh from kampar... although kampar is just 45 minutes away but still meet ups like this describe nothing more than awesome =)

next was with william... back from UTM johor and he is my primary tuition friend... yes look at our friendship... 14 years le~~~ but still nothing beats mine with jethro... hahahaha 16 years as jethro is from kindergarden... too bad did not meet up with jethro during the holidays

DOMINO'S is in ipoh~~~ finally ipoh food and beverage industry is starting to develop... currently im waiting for SUBWAY, CHILLI'S, NANDO'S and many to come to ipoh le... yes me and my churchmates namely aaron, winson, joy, weng kin and arvin went over the border of oerdering pizza's... hahaha

since new semester started... funny that i feel is still like on holidays as most of my classes are being cancelled on the first week... wow... SHOCKED??? not really used to it actually and what was nice now my classes falls on tues, thurs and friday... only 2 subs le and still classes can be cancelled... hahahaha could not stop laughing...
spend my time in starbucks with abang but what makes me different is that i got nothing to do while abang has his uni stuffs... and and he has a new macbook pro~~~ *very jealous* anyway i dont asked much but i really hope for a Itouch from apple~~~ the latest one which have a build-in camera... note is not Iphone ok... daddy??? uncles??? if you do read this pls pls pls =( at least my christmas pressie

anyway while i was in starbucks... there is this aunty super noisy which actually annoyed me to the max... what was worst she ws just the table next to me... according to FKY her laughed can represent some anime character.. to me is a ang moh wannabe... kept on talking about hong kong this and that... very noisy lo!!!!!!!!!

hmmmm nothing much actually... waiting for china trippy which is 2 weeks ahead... im still in the process of kam fei-ing and boy when i say that.... foods kept on flooding my brain... hmmmm maybe should follow FKY... go on a calory diet~~~ only eat 1200 calories a day... hmmmm should start doing it on monday =)
and oh yeah i have been spending lots of money lo~~~ SHIT need to save up now

Friday, September 17, 2010


yesterday was an AWESOME day cuz its my very 1st time playing paintball with my churchmates... was actually kinda scared the fact that i might get injured or kena marked painfully but hey i kinda like this game alot although its kinda pricey... but it is worth it cuz i did enjoy despite the heat and the bruises

preparing myself before the game starts... mind the sleepy and tired look but i could not help it to show my RAWR face... was told about the rules and regulations before our game by the marshall... choose our mask and marker... a paintball player never says its a gun... if he or she says that means is not a paintball player... hahahah a very interesting reminder =)

let the game begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! abang aiming someone and its not me~~~ *buat muka bangga*

weng kin aiming too... errrrrrr there is one game only left me and weng kin standing and we are enermies!!!!!!!! too bad i just let him win cuz i was suffering from heat stroke which cause me dizzy and hard to breathe where else the mask itself is hard to breathe as well....

me concerntrating on my prey.. ceh wah kata berbunga-bunga ady now LOL

this was the nicest shot pooi seng took... love it alot to see the paint burst and of course it hurts la...

before a game starts... everyone so serious... hahaha and that is doc elaine loh~~~ next to me

elaine, me and ah ba kevin gan.... so cool lo

once everything was done... group pic is a must as a remembrance.... huge group excitement beyond infinity...

after paintball was lunch in folie-folie... had butter chicken chop rice and it was nice... no wonder abang is addicted to it... haha but im a little adventurest i wanna try the rest... went back shower and did not even rest as i need to take my aunt out and edit the camp flyer...hmmm kinda being pressurize to finish be this weekend =(
out againg for movie with my churchmates again and we watched resident evil 4... effects was nice too bad ipoh not showing in 3D but if i have the chance to watch in 3D yesterday i would start tearing as i have this bad migrane during the paintball game and it lasted till super late at night... had BK for dinner and balik for rest... took in panadol and slept after the med took reactions...
woke up in the middle of the night and i telan another 2 more panadol... hmmmm now im only having slight fever but ok la can tahan la... going out for lunch and than im gonna see pembatu choi before he leaves.....
till then will update soon hopefully... only left 3 more days before my holidays come to an end... sigh i want longer holidays la so i can folie-folie everyday hahahha

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


was invited by fadzlin for raya open house on sunday afternoon... after form 5 all of us have our own roads to venture and hence this open house has brought back many sweet memories in high school... wow for some of them i have not been seeing them for nearly 2 years plus and some yet i still haven see them at all... anyway it was my 1st raya open house for this year and im looking forward to beef rendang YUMS YUMS YUMS~~~

fadz house is in meru.. oh well yes as usual i got lost which i nearly ended up in sitiawan... hmmmm good idea though SEAFOOD ANYONE???? meet ups and catching up with your school mates is just AWESOME =) pictures tells infinity words about everyones feeling when we see each other... words like "oh my goodness", "ahhhh i miss you", "you change alot" and so on was around us.... btw i got my very first green packet from fadzlin's mum...

anyhow as it comes to an end.. at points i just dislike saying goodbye as fadz will be leaving to UK soon to continue her studies... all the best fadz gonna miss you alot and do update us when you are there and next year raya we are gonna have another meet up... as hasy house is just down the road... all of us bunked into her house to find shelter as it was pouring cats and dogs outside... played with her new chicks and guess wat they hate me... yes they hate me =(

read all her secrets and started torturing hasy to let us see her journal... hahaha kinda kesian la as she was screaming in her own house... kinda pathetic though.... btw we saw all her syoik sendiri pics hanging on the wall and she started giving us lesson on how to pose like this picture

failed though... great time spending time with friends and not forgetting hasy will be leaving too to india... gosh everyone is around the world and im stuck in ipoh... hmmmm this even make me wanna cabut to penang faster... but i am abit scared what holds ahead of me as in fear of the unknown...
anyway gonna meet up with comel and munteng in parade later... wow another meet up with my school mates is just nice.... i wonder who will be there... curious-nya~~~ and i cant wait for paintball on thursday.... ngeh ngeh ngeh ngeh

Monday, September 13, 2010


retreat to camerons consists of me, aaron, joy, winson, wengkin, ashley and winnie... we departed at 9am from my place and guess what winson and joy are our radio throughout the entire trip... nothing much to say about it but the journey there was nothing interesting besides me taking pictures of everyone... btw ashley wasnt there yet when we depart as she is still in kl

finally after 2 hours or less i think... we arrived our apartment which was the heritage hotel apartment and boy they are awesome... so near to everywhere as it is walking distance from A to B.. but u know kita orang sangat malas punya so we prefer driving lol... once arrive we unpacked a little and rest by playing play station... woah woah woah and then was lunch in some mamak... i had cheese naan... somehow i prefer the one in kl compared to camerons

back to apartment and it was 1st session.. worship as well as sharing on the word of God where worship lead by aaron while word was lead by winson... once done some of us were taking short naps while some were play stationing but obviously some overslept when me and joy were you tubing watching NAMEWEE... wash up and off we all went for steamboat in Hong Kong Restaurant... aaron was having fever so no tom yum on that day

after dinner was back to apartment for planning to be done on who hold what post and what to do... congratez wengkin for becoming camp coordinator this year... while for me im holding the treasurer as well as co-publicity and designing... hmpmmm so not me le but all this is for God so i wont complain at all... after planning kita PLAY STATION LAGI!!! yahhhhhhh~~~~
breakfast we had sausages, ham, bread and eggs cooked by winson and joy... nice breakfast and what was best it was simple... after that was Vs mode with joy and it was 2nd session where this time winson worship and aaron word... once done it was another round of meeting or should i say planning on what must be done on each respective jobs.. but once it was done lol we could not resist to go back to our YAHHHHHHHHHHH moments of play station...

got ready and we headed off to picked up ashley... after a month of not seeing leong sam i kinda miss her more compare to others... yes im practicing bias here... pity ashley cuz she sat bus from kl to camerons and it took her 6 to 7 hours to arrived... anyhow after picking her up we went to cameron valley to have nice chocolate brownies with ice cream, strawberry cheesecake and teh tarik while looking at the tea plantation.. just to potong steam a little i left my beloved camera in the apartment and so pictures are in joy's camera... it was cold but as ashley needs to rest we went back to the apartment to have cup noodles and it was time for some discussion... btw i finish my camp shirt design =)
washed up and it was dinner in Hong Kong Restaurant again as bak kut teh habis... we had fish head curry and some other dishes....
after dinner it was starbucks moment... chilling and relaxing in starbucks is a MUST to do when we are in camerons but frankly speaking as day come to an end i had this headache which turn me down a lot and my mood changed right at that particular moment... what never stopped me was taking pictures with the girls around our apartment while the guys back to YAHHHHHHHH~~~

something GG happened as i had taken in panadol for my headache while the guys and ashley were playing monopoly where me and joy slept in the living room leaving the tv on blasting annoying music of 101 dalmation game... hahahaha and my gastric hit me too which made me oh so not comfortable at all.... was a bad night i should say but some people find it funny when i asked for warm water in the middle of the night... i wasnt sleepwalking or sleeptalking....
had breakfast done by winson and joy again.... they are like our parents lol and they did maggi goreng winson style which was super salty where perencah was overly put... not bad la still edible and acceptable... time for packing up and as we were waiting for the aunty incharged to come we play station a little but anyhow she just told winson to dumped the key inside and hence we checked-out and went out for lunch... T-cafe was full so we ended up in vintage cafe... people you guys should try their ice lemon tea as it taste good and it not like those lipton one... is purely hand-made from real good protion of tea as well as lemon... it tasted like heaven

once done is time to depart from winterland but what was sickening is the JAM... jam for more than 2 hours from brinchang to i dont know where... oh well the church van went nuts as at one point it started playing indian music to disco and than it was loud noise all the way... but obviously there were jokes flying around with the YAHHHHHH~~~ somehow after the jam on our way back... the church van had problems with the gear and so we were stranded on the roadside just 40 minutes away from ipoh..... calls were make for help but what was great was there is this shop nearby so we can go toilet and makan corn in cup... hahaha but it was 10 minutes walk away
helped came 2 hours later and thank God it havent turn night yet as it was still evening but it was darn freezing... in order to entertained ourselve we crap talked for 2 hours hahahaha... too much play station thats why =).... reach home quite late and i was super tired but i slept at 2 something thanks to stupid people pranked sms me.. too bad i know who were they and i was quite mad but it just went off just like that as i was super tired... anyway this what i did in winterland... nothing much though but what makes me happy was returning back to Him =)
till then im signing off goodbye peeps

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


hang out with my NS friend yesterday in JJ and yes is JJ... what to do ipoh has only 2 places to shop and im dying for ipoh to develop another huge shopping mall like mid valley or queensbay with forever 21, topshop, cotton on and other brand outlets as well as good eatery places... not forgeting cheap yum cha place too

hmmm let me see what did i do throughout my holidays... oh i watched tons of movies on youtube... i watched tons of dvds at home... i have been going out yum cha-ing alone.... my car is too good for me that it has to suck the money out of my pocket... have been sleeping late and waking up darn early... well one word to describe my holidays... LIFELESS

wll be heading to camerons 2 moro for 3 days 2 nights... when im back i gotta rush for a bbq party and the next day will be raya visiting from lecs house to meru for my friends house... hmmmm i wonder will i just fall halfway as i do not get enough sleep at all and not forgetting im gonna meet up with FKY and the rest again...

next month im going off to China with my family... cant wait cant wait anyhow will be back with updates if i am not lazy to write... gotta go now BYE!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010


let me introduce this person... his name is MOK that is what we call him la... all he does everyday is TAKEI... he can TAKEI day and night non stop... and yes that i have been going takei with him since yesterday as well as today... hmmmm not bad and he is one funny guy... ok enough of the good compliments nanti he naik bangga

watched piranha with him, sam, alfread, fiona, stephanie and sungyung... speechless for such movie as my hoodie was covering my eyes and i hide behind my bag most of the time... so nothing much all i could say is lots of girls in bikini as well as guys in pampers *no joke* dancing shaking their ass...

anyway just wanna start of talking about MOK but now my inspiration is gone... LOL

bye now and just to make myself even more happy.... WILLIAM CHOI IS COMING BACK TOMORROW~~~ PEMBATU CHOI =)