Wednesday, September 8, 2010


hang out with my NS friend yesterday in JJ and yes is JJ... what to do ipoh has only 2 places to shop and im dying for ipoh to develop another huge shopping mall like mid valley or queensbay with forever 21, topshop, cotton on and other brand outlets as well as good eatery places... not forgeting cheap yum cha place too

hmmm let me see what did i do throughout my holidays... oh i watched tons of movies on youtube... i watched tons of dvds at home... i have been going out yum cha-ing alone.... my car is too good for me that it has to suck the money out of my pocket... have been sleeping late and waking up darn early... well one word to describe my holidays... LIFELESS

wll be heading to camerons 2 moro for 3 days 2 nights... when im back i gotta rush for a bbq party and the next day will be raya visiting from lecs house to meru for my friends house... hmmmm i wonder will i just fall halfway as i do not get enough sleep at all and not forgetting im gonna meet up with FKY and the rest again...

next month im going off to China with my family... cant wait cant wait anyhow will be back with updates if i am not lazy to write... gotta go now BYE!!!

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