Tuesday, September 14, 2010


was invited by fadzlin for raya open house on sunday afternoon... after form 5 all of us have our own roads to venture and hence this open house has brought back many sweet memories in high school... wow for some of them i have not been seeing them for nearly 2 years plus and some yet i still haven see them at all... anyway it was my 1st raya open house for this year and im looking forward to beef rendang YUMS YUMS YUMS~~~

fadz house is in meru.. oh well yes as usual i got lost which i nearly ended up in sitiawan... hmmmm good idea though SEAFOOD ANYONE???? meet ups and catching up with your school mates is just AWESOME =) pictures tells infinity words about everyones feeling when we see each other... words like "oh my goodness", "ahhhh i miss you", "you change alot" and so on was around us.... btw i got my very first green packet from fadzlin's mum...

anyhow as it comes to an end.. at points i just dislike saying goodbye as fadz will be leaving to UK soon to continue her studies... all the best fadz gonna miss you alot and do update us when you are there and next year raya we are gonna have another meet up... as hasy house is just down the road... all of us bunked into her house to find shelter as it was pouring cats and dogs outside... played with her new chicks and guess wat they hate me... yes they hate me =(

read all her secrets and started torturing hasy to let us see her journal... hahaha kinda kesian la as she was screaming in her own house... kinda pathetic though.... btw we saw all her syoik sendiri pics hanging on the wall and she started giving us lesson on how to pose like this picture

failed though... great time spending time with friends and not forgetting hasy will be leaving too to india... gosh everyone is around the world and im stuck in ipoh... hmmmm this even make me wanna cabut to penang faster... but i am abit scared what holds ahead of me as in fear of the unknown...
anyway gonna meet up with comel and munteng in parade later... wow another meet up with my school mates is just nice.... i wonder who will be there... curious-nya~~~ and i cant wait for paintball on thursday.... ngeh ngeh ngeh ngeh

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