Saturday, September 25, 2010


i have been meeting up with many of my friends during the raya break... my school friends as FKY is back from UK, mun teng from nilai while ah teh from kampar... although kampar is just 45 minutes away but still meet ups like this describe nothing more than awesome =)

next was with william... back from UTM johor and he is my primary tuition friend... yes look at our friendship... 14 years le~~~ but still nothing beats mine with jethro... hahahaha 16 years as jethro is from kindergarden... too bad did not meet up with jethro during the holidays

DOMINO'S is in ipoh~~~ finally ipoh food and beverage industry is starting to develop... currently im waiting for SUBWAY, CHILLI'S, NANDO'S and many to come to ipoh le... yes me and my churchmates namely aaron, winson, joy, weng kin and arvin went over the border of oerdering pizza's... hahaha

since new semester started... funny that i feel is still like on holidays as most of my classes are being cancelled on the first week... wow... SHOCKED??? not really used to it actually and what was nice now my classes falls on tues, thurs and friday... only 2 subs le and still classes can be cancelled... hahahaha could not stop laughing...
spend my time in starbucks with abang but what makes me different is that i got nothing to do while abang has his uni stuffs... and and he has a new macbook pro~~~ *very jealous* anyway i dont asked much but i really hope for a Itouch from apple~~~ the latest one which have a build-in camera... note is not Iphone ok... daddy??? uncles??? if you do read this pls pls pls =( at least my christmas pressie

anyway while i was in starbucks... there is this aunty super noisy which actually annoyed me to the max... what was worst she ws just the table next to me... according to FKY her laughed can represent some anime character.. to me is a ang moh wannabe... kept on talking about hong kong this and that... very noisy lo!!!!!!!!!

hmmmm nothing much actually... waiting for china trippy which is 2 weeks ahead... im still in the process of kam fei-ing and boy when i say that.... foods kept on flooding my brain... hmmmm maybe should follow FKY... go on a calory diet~~~ only eat 1200 calories a day... hmmmm should start doing it on monday =)
and oh yeah i have been spending lots of money lo~~~ SHIT need to save up now

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