Friday, September 3, 2010


let me introduce this person... his name is MOK that is what we call him la... all he does everyday is TAKEI... he can TAKEI day and night non stop... and yes that i have been going takei with him since yesterday as well as today... hmmmm not bad and he is one funny guy... ok enough of the good compliments nanti he naik bangga

watched piranha with him, sam, alfread, fiona, stephanie and sungyung... speechless for such movie as my hoodie was covering my eyes and i hide behind my bag most of the time... so nothing much all i could say is lots of girls in bikini as well as guys in pampers *no joke* dancing shaking their ass...

anyway just wanna start of talking about MOK but now my inspiration is gone... LOL

bye now and just to make myself even more happy.... WILLIAM CHOI IS COMING BACK TOMORROW~~~ PEMBATU CHOI =)

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