Sunday, October 31, 2010



morning call at 6am, breakfast at 7am and touring starts at 8am as usual... we stayed in some resort where spa and hot spring is their speciallity.. the bathroom is the awesome place to be cuz the tub was huge... water used are from the hot spring itself so we can dipped ourselves in the hotpool or just in your very own bathroom in the room... kena tipu as they said we need to sit some "tut tut" car as from one location to another is far... IS NOT EVEN FAR!!!

first stop was the Changshan Mountain where we will take a cable car up to view the scenery of Dali city and Er Hai... kinda got phobia with steps but what to do we need to face them everyday... spotted something funny in the cable car itself with its translation for the 1st safety tips... "for your own safety do not TOCK the gondola" it should be do not shake...

there i get to see the world biggest chinese chess set ever made and it is said to be on its way to the guinness world records... WOW!! china people are really great with their minds... hehehe saw beautiful leaves representing end of autumn as winter is coming

more walking is done as you can see in the pics in order to reach the waterfall ahead... the weather indeed loved us as it rain... but nothing can stopped us from reaching our goal... slippery steps as well as uneven steps really make things more challenging... after that we went to the Tian Long Babu Movie Town where it was the original site for the shooting for the famous TV series "TianLongBaBu" whoever do watch TVB drama's i think they would know as for me i do not know what series is that...

there were performanced held in the movie town about how they choose bride and groom all as i wasnt even interested le... i would prefer walk off and start taking pics... hahahaha then it was lunch in an authentic restaurant and here are only apart of the dishes... malas to upload le =P

right after lunch is shopping~~ how i love that word =) my family and i took a picture with our local tour guide in her minority clothings... she is from the bai minority and bai means white...

my aunt took pictures with the journey to the west *fake* casts... i thought it was free but by taking pics with them it costs me 10 yuen... BAH!!!!!! anyway we were only given 2 hours to shop... not enough lo but i did manage to get lots of stuffs... hahahah i actually miss out one thing, Dali is famous for the silver wear... most of them thinks by wearing silver brings them good luck and protect them from sickness... i do not even know such thing exists but its their believes so i wont disturb...
after that we continue our journey to Black Dragon Pool and Xizhou to visit the Residential House of the Bai people and watch the Three-Tea Ceremony which eventually shows the Bai Minority's warmnest welcome to the distinguished guests.... we drank the bitter tea, the sweet tea and the spicy tea... i love the sweet and the spicy one... it wasnt spicy as in chilli spicy but cinnamon scent which was nice =).. through the ceremony we get to see their culture as well as their wedding ceremony... according to the bai people, pinching the bride and groom 3 times brings them good luck.. the harder the better =O

time to bid farewell to our local guide as we will be heading to another city called Lijiang which took another 4 hours... kinda realized that getting from one place to another in Yunnan need at least 4 hours le... anyway Lijiang is characterized by its magnificient mountains, clear water and beautiful landscape... upon reaching it was time for dinner... my 1st impression was nice restaurant and the next was DIM SUM for dinner??? anyway it tasted horrible... non of us enjoy the food actually and complains started from my uncle LOL

end of day 4 in Yunnan,China... sorry to kept you guys waiting will try my best to update more as im kinda busy now... anyway stay tune peeps and im signing out =)

Sunday, October 24, 2010



morning call at 6am, breakfast at 7am and departure for touring at 8am... first stop was the Jinri Pavillion and the Towers in the West Temple where this tower contains history of more than one thousand years which is equivalent with the three pagodas in Dali... there were many nice statueses along the way and what amazed me was the morning exercise which the locals would do... some were using tennis racquet with the ball on it and started dancing, boucing the ball at the same time and some even form small groups performing dances along the road... mummy followed one of the group and started joining in the fun... my mum is so cute =D

after that we proceeded to the Jinma Biji Archway... wasnt listening to what the local tour guide xiao chen was talking about but i was carried away by the city scenery... hahahaha
next was we went to some place where they provide everyone a good foot reflexology but i know is not just some ordinary place where they just massage your feet... is another place where they are gonna try to convinced you into buying their products... uncle nic spend 32000 yuen there and while we were waiting for them, something happen in the bus.. aunty peggy as usual started buying more stuffs with the locals riding on their bikes and started to help them promote as well... kinda scary though at one point they were too noisy, aunty peggy started shouting at them to keep quiet...
lunch was next and we had this special wild mushroom steamboat... it actually tasted yummy as there was no strong mushroom smell at all which i like.... not only that we had this noodles where you cant even see any steam coming out from it as it is being covered by a thick layer of oil... according to the local guide, the layer of oil was the only way to make the food stayed warm and men last time are a little bit fussy of their food so women came up with this idea of serving them noodles instead of rice...

in conclusion, it was nice and very oily... i called it the oily noodle dish =X... right after meal we proceeded to the West Hill Scenic Spot and Dragon Gate... in order to reach the top, we must climb up 300+ steps and i feel it is worth it... i take it as an opportunity to KAM FEI~~ after an oily meal =)... only 6 of us went up for this hill while the rest stayed in the bus due to the drizzle...

the moment we reach the top, we are able to see the whole kunming city.. what caught my attention was the view where one side of the city is raining while the other side is sunny... i was told that Yunnan is a place with weird weather and i gotta agree with it... you literally can see the split of difference when you are right on top of that hill =)

i was actually sweating after this climb... YES!! but after such exercise is off to another 4 hours of bus ride to Dali... along the way we did stop a few places for toilet and at one stop i saw this huge dog running around... its really BIG!!! =O too bad no pics... i was busy buying snacks actually hahahahaha
dinner in Dali was normal... nearly thought that i enter the wrong toilet as there is no doors... *toilet phobia started*

this spicy siu yuk is something special... it even have "pai kuat" version which was also nice... after dinner was off to our new hotel... could not remember anything about this hotel actually... but just to remind everyone... Dali did not really strike me besides the tea ceremony which i will blog about in the next post =).... till then BYE

Saturday, October 23, 2010



morning call at 7am, breakfast at 8am and departed for touring at 9am... wasnt in a very good mood for sure on my 2nd day in china... but i wont let it spoil my day and so as usual i dont normally eat breakfast but when my mum told me that this is nice and that is nice... FOODS MAKE MY DAY =)

had this huge bowl of noodles where you can DIY with whatever ingredients to put in... obviously i did not finish it but it was good... took some pics around the hotel we stayed.. it was actually some 5 star chalet thingy and it was beautiful

we visited the stone forest where it is one of China's remarkable natural phenoment with towering peak of bizarre shape of limestone soaring to the skies. in this place, you will be captivated by the immense beauty of the place which i did... hahaha climb lots of steps, walk through those limestones and man i love it

at the peak where you can see the whole thing and it was breathe-taking... scenery awesome too bad i do not have a DSLR to capture such wonderful scenery

after that was lunch where we are able to try one of their specialities... deep fried insects... whats nice about this restaurant that we dine in was that it resembles like a barn where grass were on the floor and we were given to sit on small cute chairs....something for a change from those fancy restaurants

i never tasted the best siu yuk in my entire life and this beats G KAM FONG in pasir puteh anytime =)

deep fried bee's and larva's... it tasted like crickets when i was in laos the previous time... anyway i ate that the most hahahaha high in protein ok

after that we visited some place where they sell "pu er cha" as everyone know i dont fancy chinese tea that much so i wasnt even interested and all i did was to act dumb and follow the group... they drink, i drink, they drink somemore, i drink somemore too... dad brought tea which cost 600 yuen which is rm300 here... *slaps forehead* but people say this "pu er cha" is a good investment in life as the older the tea is, it is more expensive when you decided to sell it away... one of the china sales girl told me that the most expensive "pu er cha" being sold was 15 million yuen and that is like what rm7.5 million here =O
dinner at some restaurant and man the food was good despite of it being oily... i rate my dad a 0 for bad photography skills when he was given the camera =/
went to another hotel to stay this time and u wanna know something the hotel is surrounded with many shopping malls and streets with lots of goodies... too bad mum was sick so we only went to the pharmacy opposite the hotel... bah!!! anyway tat's all for day 2 =)